Park Jong-Bae’s past in Behind Your Touch explained

Park Jong-Bae, one of the frequent supporting characters in Behind Your Touch, was recently given a backstory that delves into a rather painful part of his life, something that forces him to take a radical step.

Park Jong-Bae works as a shaman and resorts to conning others to make a living. He also has a failed marriage and a son who he struggles to properly provide for.

However, he also has a big heart and is kind, not to mention a source for much of the hilarity on the show.

Loss and pain

Park Jong-Bae’s father was one of the many Mujin residents who were scammed by Yoon Deok-Hyeon’s redevelopment fraud.

Years ago, a lot of residents of Mujin were duped into buying land in an area that their Assemblyman promised would see an exponential rise in prices once the redevelopment of the area began.

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Jong-Bae’s father was also one of the victims of this fraud and was convinced by Deok-Hyeon’s assistant, Cha Ju-Man, to spend his life savings on this false hope, thinking he would never have to see his children live in poverty like he did.

Park Jong-Bae Cha Ju-Man
Image source: Netflix

However, that never came to pass and all his money was lost, like many other Mujin residents. When he confronted Cha Ju-Man, the corrupt lackey of the corrupt politician further disrespected the old man.

Having lost all hope and will, the old man committed suicide before Park Jong-Bae returned home from his military service. What’s worse is that Jong-Bae soon sees his mother die as well, as she can’t bear the loss of her husband.

Vengeance still burns

This painful past is what informs Park Jong-Bae’s decision to kill Cha Ju-Man, who is now an Assemblyman himself and who now campaigns for another redevelopment wave.

Jong-Bae’s economic condition never really recovered after his parents’ passing.

He thinks that Cha Ju-Man doesn’t deserve to live after all that he put his father and many others through. He finds the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

He puts on the rain poncho that the serial killer wears and carries the same knife as the killer. This is understandably done to get him mistaken for the serial killer, should the cameras happen to catch the act.

However, Park Jong-Bae is stopped from committing the crime by Bong Ye-Bun. Later, he reveals to her why he wanted to do what he was going to do.

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