Park Jong-Bae: Behind Your Touch character explained

Park Jong-Bae is a major supporting character in Behind Your Touch, often providing distinct comedic relief moments in the story. The character is played by Park Hyuk-Kwon.

The town of Mujin is rife with people trying to wade their way through the difficult-to-thrive economic landscape. The protagonist Bong Ye-Bun also struggles to overcome the financial rut the loans threw her into.

Some people continue to work hard and harder to survive while others, like the local shaman Park Jong-Bae, resort to more shady business to make a living.

The sham in Shaman

Park Jong-Bae is a shaman, who uses the persona of certain General MacArthur. He claims it’s a spirit that he hosts.

He makes a great fool of Bong Ye-Bun when she comes to him with her inexplicable psychometry powers, hoping a shaman might just solve her supernatural issue.

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Park Jong-Bae Bong Ye-Bun Behind Your Touch
Image source: Netflix

He suggests performing a shamanism rite of passage, which costs a pretty penny even after his discount. However, during the ritual, he is exposed as a conman when his supposedly powerful spirit fails to protect him from getting cut by a blade.

A hustler

Ye-Bun asks for her money back when he stops her from reporting him to the Fraud department. He tells her that he did host General MacArthur’s spirit about ten years ago but his powers and the spirit left him long ago.

Yet, he continues to play up the shamanism sham in order to survive and make a living. He’s a hustler and does shamanism and content creation on MeTube, a video-hosting website.

He even asks Ye-Bun to let him keep 500,000 of the money she spent on the ritual. He uses this money to pay for his child’s K-pop dance classes in Australia where both Park Jong-Bae’s wife and child live, although they’re never shown on screen.

Park Jong-Bae’s hustling is supported by his drive to learn new things to improve himself. When Kim Seon-Woo looks to rent a room at his house, he ideates a barter system wherein he’ll take English lessons from Seon-Woo for free and the latter will live at his house, also for free.

In spite of his pretenses and conman antics, Mr. Park is shown to be a person with a good heart. He’s always kind towards others and when he hears the cries of a dog in distress, he pulls him out of misery and takes him to Ye-Bun for a checkup.

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