Outer Banks season 2 ending explained: Does John B get the gold?

Netflix’s young adult web series, Outer Banks, revolves around a group of teens, who are in search of a long-lost treasure that is incidentally related to one of their fathers’ disappearances.

Outer Banks features a teen boy, John B (Chase Stokes), who, after his father’s disappearance, teams up with his three friends, JJ, Kie and Pope to unravel a long-lost treasure, a search that was started by his father.

Season one of Outer Banks ended with a cliffhanger, wherein John B and Sarah get caught in a storm and were on their way to Nassau, while the others believed that they were dead.

The essential plotline of season two of Outer Banks revolves around John B and Sarah obtaining the gold from Ward which was hidden in Nassau, while the Pogue gang tries to sort matters from within their homeland in the Outer Banks.

As things escalate, JJ, Kie and Pope figure out that John B and Sarah are indeed alive while John B and Sarah try to retrieve the gold. Both the gangs eventually meet up in Charleston, coincidentally, and the Pogue gang reunites to carry on the adventure together.

With the gang reunited and things escalating quicker than ever, multiple situations have to be figured out including exonerating John B, finding Sarah, retrieving the gold, as well as a whole new treasure hunt that happens to stumble onto them.  

Can John B be cleared off of all his charges? Is Ward Cameron really dead? Can Sarah be rescued? Does the gang find the gold? What’s the brand new treasure hunt?

The answers to all these burning questions lie in the building climax of Outer Banks, and we have got you covered over its explanation.

Outer Banks Season 2 ending explained in detail:

Big John comes alive

As John B is arrested for his charges, the rest of the crew take to clearing his name out and search for evidence that would exonerate him.

Pope crosses paths with Carla Limbrey, who happens to be a rich heiress in need of a key and an ornate gold cross that supposedly happened to belong to Pope’s family. She offers Pope to exchange it for material evidence, Gavin’s voice recording, that has the potential to clear John B’s name.

Pope discovers the key, but under duress, revokes it. He also discovers the gold cross but loses it to Limbrey and Rafe after being attacked by bees and going into an anaphylactic shock.

This leaves Carla with nothing, but as she gets called from the Caribbean, she meets up with John B’s father, Big John, who is perfectly alive, previously presumed by everyone to be dead at sea.

He goes on to say that if she assists his son, John B, he will help her obtain what she wants.

The sailing ship

Pope has a personal stake in the treasure after learning about his family’s history and connection to the treasures. He then proceeds to track down Rafe and reclaim the cross, and so he follows him to a cargo ship.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s stepmother drugs her and kidnaps her, John B and the rest of the Pogues get aboard the ship to save her and try to reclaim the cross.

Sarah awakens aboard the ship and learns that her father, whom she had assumed to be dead, is still alive. 

Ward had videotaped a confession to his and Rafe’s crimes after Rafe was eventually apprehended for killing Sheriff Peterkin, then staged his death by blowing up his boat and he had discreetly planned for the entire family to travel to a private island with their ill-gotten riches on a covert journey.

Meanwhile, John B, Pope, Kiara, and J.J. hide in the ship’s container until they can figure out how to get off. They team up with Cleo, who aided them in their escape from Nassau, and launch a coup.

When Sarah tries to board the lifeboat, Ward understands she isn’t on his side, and attempts to choke her to death. They fight after John B stops him.

Then John B and Sarah just get into the lifeboat to join the rest of the Pogues and escape the ship.

Back to Outer Banks

When John B and Sarah return to the Outer Banks, John B is imprisoned for the murder, and Ward tries to assassinate him while he is in detention.

Interim Sheriff Shoupe acts on the information provided by the Pogues, freeing John B and arresting Rafe, but Ward’s “final confession” convinces them to release Rafe.

The Pogues assist Pope in finding the cross, which Limbrey and Rafe stole from beneath them and which Rafe eventually took.

The Camerons have the riches and the cross, but the Pogues barely make it off the cargo ship alive.

Meanwhile, the Pogues have washed up on an ostensibly deserted island, where they are content to live the beach bum lifestyle for the time being. They’ll have to return home at some point, paving the way for the third season of Outer Banks.

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