Orqwith from Doom Patrol season 4 explained

In season 4 of Doom Patrol, the team is introduced to the pocket dimension known as Orqwith which appears to be closely tied to Immortus.

As Larry and Mr 104 talk to each other about Immortus and why Mr 104 joined his cause, Larry is pulled through a magical portal, and Mr 104 chases after him.

Larry is then seen being escorted by faceless men with scissors for hands toward an ominous-looking temple before Mr 104 shows up and uses his powers to save Larry.

A creator’s playground

Mr 104 explains that they are in a pocket dimension called Orqwith. The creatures who were escorting Larry were called scissormen and they are the custodians of this place. Larry was brought there so that his longevity can be extracted.

He also tells Larry that when Dr. Janus deposited Rita’s longevity at Orqwith, the bone temple rose up from the ground signifying Immortus’ power.

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When Vic and Derek get to the mansion, they find the portal that Larry was pulled back to and Vic confirms that it must be magical in nature. After they both tenter, the portal closes and traps them there.

Orqwith from Doom Patrol season 4 explained 1
Vic and Derek figure out the magic of the dimension

Derek notices that one of the flowers is actually bits of paper with a pencil in it. He draws a butterfly on the paper and it immediately comes to life. He assumes that since this place is magical, they could make use of that magic.

Rita and Laura find themselves in Wally Sage’s cell and on the walls are countless terrifying drawings and the name “Orqwith” is also written across. When Rita asks Wally what Orqwith is, he says that it is a place where ideas are born and bad ideas die.

The comic origin

Orqwith is an imaginary world created by a group of philosophers who wrote an encyclopaedia about a world that didn’t exist. The book became a gateway between the real and the imaginary and that is how Orqwith came into being.

It devoured its creators and threatened to engulf the entire world before it was ultimately stopped by the Doom Patrol.

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