Old People ending explained: Did Ella and her family survive?

Old People is a Netflix horror movie about the residents of a retirement home who avenge their abandonment by their families by embarking on a killing spree.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Ella visits the country with her children for her sister’s wedding. The children are excited to meet their father and grandfather.

Ella’s sister tells her that their father has been shifted to a retirement house. The entire family starts experiencing bizarre incidents after they visit the retirement house to invite their grandfather to the wedding.

On the night of the wedding reception, the residents of the retirement house kill the nurses and later the newly-wed couple. Ella discovers her sister’s body and pulls out a gun to defend her family. She is joined by her ex-husband, Lukas, and his wife, Kim.

Ella is unable to find Noah anywhere and asks her father to tell him where he is kept. Her father has joined the other people from the retirement house and refuses to say anything,

Lukas leaves his wife with Laura to find his son. Kim asks the old people to kill Laura instead of her. Ella rescues Laura and they find Noah. He tells her parents that his grandfather asked him to stay in the basement to remain safe.

The family hides inside the house to wait for the dawn.

Old People ending explained in detail:

What happened to Kim?

Kim accuses Ella of ruining her life and locks her out of the house. Ella is caught by the old people.

Lukas spots the key in Kim’s hand and realises what she has done. He runs to rescue Ella. Kim sees the entire family panicking and jumps off the balcony out of her guilt.

Kim sacrifices herself to distract the old people and save Ella.

Did Ella and her family survive the attack?

Seeing the door locked, the old people set it on fire. Ella recalls the secret underground passage her father told Noah about. The tunnel leads to the house where Ella’s sister was killed.

The family rushes to escape through the tunnel but it is too late. Lukas realises he has been stabbed by the old people while trying to protect Ella.

Ella is the last one to enter the tunnel and gets caught by the old people. The children cross the tunnel.

What happened to Aike?

Laura and Noah make it out of the tunnel alive, only to find their grandfather at the end. Laura pulls out her mother’s gun to protect Herself and Noah.

While she is pointing her gun at her grandfather, she is attacked by another old man. When he is about to kill her, she starts singing their family song. Her grandfather listens to the song and saves Laura and Noah.

The children escape on a motorboat with Laura’s boyfriend and their grandfather as Laura narrates her experience of living with her grandfather.

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