Old Fontaine: They Cloned Tyrone character explained

Old Fontaine is a geneticist and the original source of Fontaine’s DNA in They Cloned Tyrone. The role is played by John Boyega.

Nixon first hints at Old Fontaine’s identity when he tells Fontaine that his boss is a really hard taskmaster and they would get along quite well.

Fontaine meets his older self for the first time after coming up short against Chester in the facility. Old Fontaine explains that he is the original from which countless clones have been produced and that he is the lead geneticist in the project.

A dream of peace and unity

Old Fontaine admits that the memory of Ronnie dying is the one true memory that all of his clones have, and it is that incident that pushed him to carry out his research.

He wanted to ensure that what happened to Ronnie would never happen again, and the best way to do that was to assimilate into the public and not look different anymore.

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Through his research, Old Fontaine tracked down the genes that decided a particular person’s race and he sequenced all of them to create a more acceptable version.

His initial trials weren’t as successful, creating the odd hybrids that Fontaine came across in the lab and at ‘Got Damn! Fried Chicken’, but eventually he was able to settle on the right formula.

Old Fontaine: They Cloned Tyrone character explained 1
He tells Fontaine all about his plans to change America

He says that they’re getting ready for their first major rollout in America and his work will continue despite this minor road bump in the Glen.

Fontaine tells him that Ronnie would not have wanted things to be this way but Old Fontaine insists that this is the only way, adding that he left out the part of the memory where had to clean off the blood from Ronnie’s body at the morgue after the boy was violently shot.

Once he’s done explaining his entire plan, he asks Chester to kill his clone but Fontaine utters the words “Olympia Black” and orders him to kill the older original instead.

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