Okami-san: Sanctuary character explained

In Sanctuary, Okami-san is the caring mother figure to the wrestlers from Ensho’s stable. She also holds a special power over the likes of Inushima, as she is related to a higher official at JSA.

Okami-san is the caring counterpart of the strict Ensho at his stable. She cooks and looks after the wrestlers training and working hard to become a Yokozuna someday.

Unlike Ensho, Okami-san attempts to understand the wrestlers on an emotional level and offers them solutions to their problems. She is the one who brings Shimizu back to the stable by suggesting that he become an usher if he no longer desires to be a sumo wrestler.

Under her calm and caring demeanor, Okami-san holds powers that will not allow the likes of Inushima to cross Ensho.

Okami-san and Chairman Kumada’s relationship

After getting acquainted with Enno’s disrespectful and cocky attitude, Inushima, who has a past with Ensho, and Umayama take measures to force Ensho to make Enno resign as a sumo wrestler.

Ensho and Enno try to make Inushima understand, but the only person who convinces him is Okami-san. She treats Inushima and Umayama warmly by offering them tea and reminds Inushima of how he was once strict with a student who suffered health problems later.

Okami-san: Sanctuary character explained 1
Okami-san offers tea to Inushima

Back then, Chairman Kumada of JSA intervened and helped him. Chairman Kumada’s name alone forces Inushima to give Enno a second chance.

On their way back, Inushima reveals to Umayama that Okami-san is able to cross them only because she is Chairman Kumada’s illegitimate daughter. Chairman Kumada has a soft spot for her, and he listens to her.

Okami-san and Ryukoku’s promise

When Enno is dismissed for attacking Umayama’s wrestler and Ensho’s stable is on the verge of closing, Okami-san asks Ensho if she should talk to her father.

Ensho had lost all hope, and he believed that would not be enough this time. Okami-san still proceeds to make efforts to reinstate Enno, at least. In order to do that, she contacts Ryuki-zeki’s father, Ryukoku.

During their conversation, it is hinted that they were once together. Okami-san and Ryukoku had even made a promise together before she left him. Although it is not revealed what the promise was, it does make Ryukoku convince Inushima to withdraw Enno’s punishment.

Enno is then banned only for the next tournament. What that promise was and more about Okami-san might be revealed if Sanctuary returns with a second season.

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