Oh Min-hye: Celebrity character explained

Oh Min-hye is a social media influencer and member of the Gabin Society who initially brings Seo A-ri into that world and comes to regret it. The character is portrayed by Jeon Hyo-sung.

Oh Min-hye is one of the members of the Gabin Society who has her own luxury brand called ‘Lunachic’. Min-hye runs into Seo A-ri at the mall and remembers her from her high school days.

Back then, A-ri was very wealthy and Min-hye assumes that is still the case which is why she invites her to an exclusive party. She’s replacing her previous plus one, Biniimom, because of the public spat they were involved in.

Min-hye eventually learns that A-ri’s family went broke and she sells makeup door to door and tries to use this to her advantage. She makes a public show promoting A-ri’s product and insists that she’s doing her a huge favor.

Oh Min-hye: Celebrity character explained 1
Oh Min-hye always looked down on Seo A-ri

Eventually, A-ri’s popularity grows and Min-hye is the first one to be affected by it as she’s cast aside by the others for bringing A-ri into the fold. The only one who sticks by her is Han Yu-rang who follows her around everywhere.

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Consequences of her actions

Oh Min-hye’s brand keeps dropping and she looks for ways to get back in the good graces of the public. When A-ri begins her initial rise, Min-hye gets another influencer to interrupt her progress by creating conflict.

This obviously doesn’t last and A-ri manages to come back stronger so Min-hye is pushed to do even worse. She gets a hold of the pictures that Chae-hee had posted with A-ri at the Aragon Club.

She pushes the story that Chae-hee and the others partake in illegal drugs and face no repercussions as normal people do. Tae-jeon eventually finds out that Min-hye was responsible and threatens to ruin her.

He forces her to go live and admit to fabricating the images and pushing the blame on A-ri, who was about to confess that she saw a man overdose at that party.

Min-hye’s fake admission piles the pressure on A-ri and gets her in the good graces of the Gabin Society when A-ri returns and reveals everything in the live stream, Min-hye and her husband attempt to make a run for it.

That is when she is stopped by Yu-rang, who slowly realizes that she was just Min-hye’s lackey and that Min-hye never truly treated her as an equal and shares important information with her.

She says that she has called the police and if Yu-rang is going down, she’s going to bring Oh Min-hye down with her.

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