Oh Ha-young: The Good Bad Mother character explained

In The Good Bad Mother, Kang-ho is marrying Oh Ha-young, the woman whose father’s betrayal resulted in the death of Kang-ho’s father. Hong Bi-ra plays the role of Oh Ha-young.

When Young-soon was pregnant with Kang-ho, her husband, Hae-sik, was fighting a case against a powerful man, Director Song, who had burned down the farm Hae-sik’s family had owned for generations.

Prosecutor Oh Tae-soo represented Hae-sik, but he had secretly joined hands with Director Song, who had bribed him. Prosecutor Oh lost the case, and when Hae-sik approached him with new evidence against Director Song to file an appeal, he informed Director Song about it.

As a result, Hae-sik was killed by Director Song, and Prosecutor Oh was generously rewarded. However, years later, Prosecutor Oh meets Kang-ho because of his daughter, Oh Ha-young, in a way he never expected.

Kang-ho and Ha-young’s relationship

When Kang-ho meets Oh Tae-soo for the first time, he also gets the first glimpse of his daughter, Ha-young. Years later, he takes her and her friends into custody at a club on drug charges. He does not even let her go when she threatens to get him fired.

Kang-ho damages her expensive bag, even though Ha-young screams and fights to stop him. However, he does not find drugs in her bag. He only finds the medicines that she takes for her panic disorder. Even the drug tests come negative.

Ha-young slaps Kang-ho. She insults him even when he apologizes and offers to buy her a new bag. She leaves angrily but comes back within minutes and acknowledges that she should not have hit him.

She tells him that he does not need to replace the bag but also asks him not to tell her parents about finding her in a club. Kang-ho still shows up at an event where she as well as her parents are present.

The Good Bad Mother Oh Ha-young
Kang-ho gets Ha-young a new bag

She drags him aside, and he gives her a new bag. Instead of getting her an expensive bag, he gets her a simple tote bag and asks her to remember that her dad is a respected figure who is known for his humility.

He also gets her jujubes, which are natural tranquilizers, as she had mentioned to him that she has trouble sleeping because of her panic disorder. He wins her heart with this gesture, and the two start dating.

The forced breakup

Ha-young plans to marry Kang-ho and introduces him to her father. Her father pretends to accept Kang-ho but later humiliates him and forces him to break up with his daughter, as Kang-ho is not as rich as them and does not come from a family like theirs.

Kang-ho distances himself from Ha-young, but she does not leave him alone. She keeps calling him and comes to his house to meet him until he tells her about his plan to not end their relationship.

To be with her, Kang-ho finds dirt on her father and convinces Chairman Song to adopt him, which would change his social status. Ha-young’s father has no choice but to let Kang-ho be with Ha-young. 

The accident

Ha-young even accompanies him to his village when he goes to get the adoption papers signed by his mother, as she is his fiancé. She feels uncomfortable around the villagers and Young-soon, who is nowhere near as rich as her family. 

The Good Bad Mother Oh Ha-young
Ha-young and Kang-ho visit Young-soon

Just like her father had earlier commented about Kang-ho reeking, she makes a comment about her clothes reeking of the food that Young-soon places in Kang-ho’s car for him. This infuriates Kang-ho, and he throws the food away.

Ha-young then asks Kang-ho to let her drive the car. Kang-ho falls asleep, and she parks the car near the road to retrieve her scarf that blows out of the car’s window. A speeding truck hits the car with Kang-ho inside.

Later, it is revealed that Ha-young’s father had planned this accident. Ha-young was also involved in it; she drugged Kang-ho and asked him to let her drive the car. She then got out of the car when he was unconscious, allowing the man hired by her father to crash into Kang-ho’s car.

Oh Ha-young was first introduced in the show as Mi-joo’s arrogant customer, who kicked Mi-joo for accidentally cutting her, even though she was not at fault. Mi-joo apologized to her, but Ha-young refused to do the same. Mi-joo, who is also Kang-ho’s ex-girlfriend, stood up to her in front of everyone.

Ha-young is not like her father, as she gets traumatized after the accident, but she is not very different from him either; she betrayed Kang-ho, the man she was going to marry. However, along with Kang-ho, the accident also caused her harm.

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