Off the Hook ending explained: Does the digital detox help Lea and Manon?

Off the Hook is a French comedy series about two friends who decide to quit using their phones for a month, all in a drunken haze. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Off the Hook follows two close friends, who are also cousins- Lea and Manon. Lea is a woman still hung up on her ex-lover and Manon is an aspiring music artist, attempting to make it big in the industry.

Their contrasting personalities and interactions form the base of the show, along with their great act of living without their phones for 30 days.

Lea is a woman unable to get over her ex boyfriend, Guillame, and despite being broken up for over a year, she still somewhere believes it is just a momentary break. 

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She goes over his social media and also obsessively watches him through his phone camera, and all his social media profiles- which she still has the passwords to.

Manon, on the other hand, is an aspiring musician despite protests from her mother, who wants her to come back home and work at her restaurant. Her manager is also insistent that she dresses sexy, which she is unsure about. 

Her performance does not engage the audience so she decides to crowd surf, only for no one to hold her, resulting in her falling flat on her face in an embarrassing position and scenario. Someone records this and posts it online as well, and the video gains traction.

The same day, Lea realises that Guillame has blocked her on all social media, and even changes his passwords for all his accounts. She goes over to confront him, but ends up getting arrested as he decides to press charges against her.

With such events throughout the day, the two get drunk and decide to take a digital detox for 30 days- with no access to their phones and the internet. 

The two wake up the next day with their phones smashed, and their room in complete disarray. The 30-day detox had begun in their drunken haze, and they decided to follow through for their own individual good.

The path to a life without their devices and connectivity is obviously not easy, and the two go through pains to realise the controlling place these devices held over their lives.

Friends and family also applaud this idea, and begin to realise the place devices held in their world too. What started as an individual drunken decision now spirals into something more as their family members also catch on to this idea.

Lea’s brother takes away his teenage son’s phone, and family members evaluate each other’s reliance on electronic devices. Everyone realises the great amount of time they spend online.

Even Manon realises that she does not wish to just blindly follow instructions given to her by her manager. 

They also go for a healing social media retreat programme, on the insistence of Lea’s manager. Over the course of this, they meet two women who remind them of each other.

Needless to say, this time of detoxing has just proven to be more stressful for the two women.

This season reaches towards the ending with an interesting, heist-like set up where the family attempts to sneak into a rap show called ‘Enter the Circle.’

Off the Hook ending explained in detail:

Does Manon successfully break in and perform at Enter the Circle?

Manon attempts to get her career moving forwards and formulates a plan to sneak onto set and start performing, with the help of her family.

They end up getting in, and the others make their way to sit amongst the audience as Manon and Bernard try to get her performance going.

Manon successfully completes her set to big cheers, and ends up going viral with this performance of hers, raising hopes for her career trajectory.

Does Lea find herself a new love interest?

As she tries to get over Guillame, Lea ends up spending more and more time with a local shop owner and friend, Gagan. 

Lea starts talking to Gagan romantically on a double date as she attempts to get over her ex-boyfriend, but soon enough, she does completely get over him. 

Their relationship has begun to grow closer, until Lea experiences a setback in the form of a job promotion and relocation. The two brave through this, and decide to try long distance. The last we see of them, they can be seen holding hands.

What were Manon and Lea’s mothers doing in India?

Just as Lea is about to board her flight to her new job location, the two best friends get to know that their mothers are in India and need their help.

The two had gone to Puducherry to do things they had always wanted to, and ended up getting scammed and arrested, with only a limited time to apply for bail.

Lea and Manon head on the next flight to India, with Gagan and Bernard in tow as the season ends, raising hopes for a resolution in upcoming seasons.

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