Octoface: Shelter character explained

Octoface is a threatening-looking man with an octopus tattooed on his face that Mickey and his friends believe is connected to Ashley’s disappearance. The character is portrayed by Manuel Uriza.

When Mickey and his friends question Mrs. Kent about who beat up her husband, she says it was someone with an octopus tattooed on their face. They later see a picture of Ashley reacting to him standing outside their school.

Spoon names him Octoface, and Ema says she knows a tattoo artist who might be able to help. They visit Agent but he says he doesn’t recognize the man. He is later seen burning the picture of Octoface, confirming that he was the one who did the tattoo.

Rachel runs into Octoface when she goes to get a bag that should help Ashley escape, and she barely gets away from him after using Ashley’s gun.

When Mickey goes to Rachel’s house and finds out Ashley is there, Octoface shows up and momentarily fights with Mickey before running away again.

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Not who he seems to be

Mickey and Spoon head to Agent’s place once again, and while Spoon distracts Agent, Mickey goes into his back office and looks through the photo album.

He sees a picture of Octoface with his father and questions how they knew each other. He gets a number plate of his car from the photo and asks Rachel if she can help track it down by asking Troy.

They get his address and trail him to a club where Rachel also sees the men who tried to kidnap Ashley. When everyone is escaping from the club with Ashley, Octoface shows up once again but Ashley finally reveals that he’s Abeona and is there to help.

Octoface: Shelter character explained 1
Octoface turns out to be one of the good guys

Mickey sees him wiping the tattoo off his face and he tells Mickey that he saw him when he was just a baby. He also calls Brad the bravest and most loyal person he ever knew before handing him a letter sent by Brad.

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