OB: Rana Naidu character explained

In Rana Naidu, Rana works with OB, but OB is more than a business associate to Rana. OB’s declining health concerns Rana, who is already struggling with his father’s return. Rajesh Jais plays the role of OB Mahajan.

OB Mahajan, a well-known politician, is also Rana’s business associate. Rana solves the problems of celebrities, who then find themselves in OB’s debt. Rana even gets powerful clients through OB, as seen in Farzad’s case.

While Rana gains another client by helping a celebrity, OB uses these clients to thrive in his political career whenever needed. OB and Rana both benefit from this relationship. However, there is more to their relationship than this.

OB’s declining health

As the show progresses, OB’s family and friends start noticing that there is something wrong with him. However, the signs have been there since the beginning, seeing OB’s odd behavior at Prince’s party; they were just not that noticeable.

The first major incident that drew everyone’s attention to OB’s health was OB’s public speech. While giving a speech as a politician, OB starts hallucinating and never gets to complete the speech the way he wanted. Rana asks him to see a doctor after this, but OB shrugs it off.

Then, one night, OB believes he hit a person while driving his car and killed them. He hid the body in the car and abandoned it. This makes him very anxious, and he cannot even remember where he left the car.

To handle the situation, Rana finds the car, but to his surprise, there is no body in the trunk, just inanimate objects, which means he never hit a person. Rana immediately calls OB’s wife, Vandana, and asks her to take him to the hospital.

It gets worse during OB’s Diwali party. While thanking his guests, he sees a painting come to life and believes it to be Yamaduta, the angel of death.

A paranoid OB believes that he is about to be punished for his sins and almost ends up spilling Prince’s well-kept secrets in front of his guests.

Rana stops him in time, and after this, he is taken to the hospital to get checked. During this time, OB becomes increasingly religious and even superstitious; he wears the ring given to him by his wife that he earlier refused to wear.

He also gets frustrated as he cannot remember the things that he always knew. It turns out that OB has a tumor in his brain, and it can be cured by surgery, but the chances of him surviving it are 50%.

Rana and OB’s relationship

Rana and OB share a close bond. OB knows everything about Rana and Prince’s past, including the details that no one else knows.

When a scared OB leaves the hospital, Rana is the one who goes to find him. He knows where OB could have gone, as 10 years ago, OB had told him where he goes whenever he needs to get away from everyone, and Rana still remembers that.

Rana Naidu OB
Rana finds OB after he runs away from the hospital

When Rana finds OB, he confesses that 10 years ago, when he asked Rana to work with him, he made the best decision of his life. He is confident that no matter what happens after the surgery, Rana will always be there for him.

OB does not have a child of his own, but he considers Rana to be his son. He tells Rana to take birth as his son in his next life as well. Rana assures him that all is not lost, as there is an equal chance of him making it out alive, and takes him to the hospital.

After the surgery, OB gets better. It is then that he takes off the ring and goes back to being his usual vicious self. When Rana tells him that his father, Naga, is working with the CBI to build a case against all of them, OB coldly asks him to kill Naga.

Rana cannot kill his own father, so OB tells him to find someone who will do it for him. Following OB’s advice, Rana asks Surya to kill Naga. OB also provides him with the money to pay Surya for the job.

OB takes the money to Rana’s house and assures him once again that what he is doing is right. He justifies Rana committing patricide, as he believes that Rana should not let Naga ruin the life he has painstakingly built over the years.

Who is Kavya?

OB does not seem to respect or even love his superstitious wife, Vandana. She gets him rings and talks to religious men in hopes of solving his problems. He does listen to her briefly when he is sick and scared.

Usually, he does not even bother answering her questions or doing what she wants him to do; when she asks him to wear the ring she got for his protection, he tells her his problems will go away on their own once she stops talking.

Rana Naidu OB
OB with Vandana and Kavya

It is then revealed that OB is having an affair with his wife’s sister, Kavya. When he is taken to the operation theater for his surgery, he chooses to hold Kavya’s hand instead of holding Vandana’s hand.

After Prince’s death, Vandana makes up her mind to adopt his son, even though OB does not want a child at his age. Furthermore, Kavya visits him to tell him that she is also pregnant with his child.

OB wants her to abort the child, but Kavya refuses. When Kavya leaves, she sees Vandana standing outside the office, overhearing their conversation, but it is not known if she actually heard anything or not.

OB is an interesting character who feels the burden of his sins and repents only when he is sick and believes that he is going to be punished. As soon as he gets better, he leaves the fear behind and advises Rana to get his own father killed.

He is not ready to have a child, but he will be having two children now. If there is going to be a second season, the audience will get to know whether Rana will be able to solve this problem of his or if OB will have to deal with it on his own.

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