Nixon: They Cloned Tyrone character explained

Nixon is the enforcer for the government agency experimenting on the Glen in They Cloned Tyrone. Kiefer Sutherland plays the character.

When Fontaine, Yo-Yo, and Slick Charles try to escape from the underground facility through the strip club, the operatives send everyone else after them through mind control until they are surrounded.

A car pulls up to them and Nixon reveals himself along with a clone of Fontaine’s named Chester. He reiterates the mission statement of the agency and explains why they’re conducting experiments on people underground.

He then utters the words “Olympia Black” when Fontaine tries to attack him. Those words allow him to control every clone in the Glen and he threatens to have Fontaine kill himself unless the three of them stand down.

Not slick enough

After their first encounter, Yo-Yo is the only one who is still determined to take the agency down but she is captured and put in a cell underground. Nixon praises her conviction but tells her that it will be for naught since she will be their latest test subject.

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Soon after, Slick Charles and Fontaine infiltrate the facility with all of the other members of the Glen. Yo-Yo escapes and together with Slick Charles, they free the remaining clones from their pods.

Nixon catches up to them and promises to end them once and for all. He says that their efforts are a minor blip in their operations as they have facilities in multiple cities in America with the same goal.

Charles tries to attack Nixon from behind but he is taken down and held hostage. Nixon tells Yo-Yo to show herself or he will shoot Charles so she has no choice but to surrender.

Nixon: They Cloned Tyrone character explained 1
He faces off against Yo-Yo and Slick Charles

She throws her gun behind Nixon and keeps him distracted until the real Charles walks up from behind with her gun and shoots Nixon in the head. He had used a clone to distract the enforcer and get the drop on him.

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