Nicky: Full Circle character explained

Nicky is Derek’s illegitimate son who is unfortunately mistaken for Jared and picked up in his place. Nicky is portrayed by Lucian Zanes.

Nicky is Derek’s son from another woman and while he has never actually met his father, Nicky appears to be obsessed with him. He secretly observes him and has pictures of him where he sleeps.

Nicky steals Derek’s stuff to look a lot more like him and have some sort of connection with his father and after stealing his phone and shoes, he reaches out to Jared and offers to give his stuff back.

However, this meeting leads to him being picked up by Aked and the others in Jared’s place.

Revealing his identity

When Aked initially calls Derek and Sam, they assume that they have Jared but after he returns home they learn that the kidnappers have another boy.

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During one of the calls, Nicky tells them to call Charisse, and that’s when Derek realizes who Nicky truly is. When Charisse goes to the police, she tells them that Nicky has mental health issues and ran away from home which explains his behavior.

Nicky: Full Circle character explained 1
Nicky survives thanks to Louis and Natalia

Nicky is saved after Natalia and Louis make a plan to switch his body with a dummy but when they tell him to call his parents, he holds off on it because he doesn’t want to reveal who is.

He eventually has to after Sam tells them that they have the wrong boy and Louis comes up with a different plan to get money from Nicky.

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