Nick Gatchi: High Desert character explained

Nick Gatchi is part of the Gatchi mafia family and the brother of Donna Scarborough. He is visited by Peggy investigating Dona’s disappearance. The character is played by Carmine Giovinazzo.

Peggy first finds out about Donna’s connection to the Gatchis after Carol digs into them and finds out that they run a tanning salon in the region. It is clearly a front for illegal activities and Peggy visits them, meeting Nick for the first time.

Peggy tells Nick that she’s writing a book about people whose relatives went missing without a trace and gets more information about Donna. He tells her about her differences with the family and shows her Donna’s pet parrot who was left behind following her disappearance.

She meets him once again when she needs some of his DNA to confirm whether the finger she found belongs to Donna or not but he soon learns that she isn’t who she says she is.

A concerned sibling

Nick isn’t too guarded when giving information about Donna and doesn’t have suspicions about Peggy. He isn’t the smartest of the bunch after believing that her name is really Sylvia Plath.

When Tina tells him that Peggy brought in Donna’s nail, he becomes suspicious and those doubts are cemented when he notices the painting that was stolen from the toilet.

He tells his brother, Leo, to find out who she is so that they can find out what her deal is. She goes to them first after confirming that there is a body in Guru Bob’s backyard.

She asks them for the reward money but Nick says that he’s not going to give it to her so easily. He insists that she take him to body first before they give her anything.

Nick Gatchi: High Desert character explained 1
Nick Gatchi and his brother Leo handle the family business

They also confront her about the painting but she very easily convinces them that she didn’t steal it, even though she did.

While Nick does seem dangerous, he doesn’t appear to be a criminal mastermind and is generally frustrated with his situation.

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