New Eden in Welcome to Eden season 2 explained

In the second season of Welcome to Eden, Astrid and Erick’s future plans are revealed. They aim to take every inhabitant of Eden to a planet called the New Eden.

Astrid and Erick host parties on their island, which is known as Eden, and choose the guests who will live on the island and join their community, willingly or unwillingly. 

The people on the island do not get to contact the outside world. They are told that they must follow the rules set by Astrid to live peacefully in this paradise. However, Eden is more of a hell than a paradise, where people are killed when they fail to fall in line. 

Astrid locks up África when she accidentally discovers the hidden transmitter room. Initially, even Erick cannot let her go because he believes that she knows too much about their future plans that they have been keeping a secret for years.

The discovery of New Eden

Astrid’s father, Dr. Florián Bartos, spent his life studying climate change, and everything that he predicted came true. Dr. Bartos believed that the Earth would be destroyed soon, so he tried to find a new place for humans.

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After researching for years, he made contact with aliens from another planet that he named New Eden. Som’s father, Mr. Sisuk, also wanted to get New Eden’s coordinates, so he got Dr. Bartos killed and took his phone, which contained the coordinates.

Welcome to Eden season 2 New Eden
Dr. Bartos tells Astrid about New Eden

What does Astrid know about New Eden?

When Astrid and Erick have dinner with Gabi, Isaac, and África, Astrid tells them that before Dr. Bartos died, he told her that the planet has the same ecosystem as planet Earth.

There is no pollution on New Eden. There are freshwater springs and crystal-clear rivers, and the moon is twice the size of Earth’s moon, but the tides react the same way to it as they do on Earth.

New Eden’s air is fully breathable, and the planet gets direct light from a star similar to the Sun, which means humans can cultivate the same crops that they do on Earth. Astrid plans to fulfill her father’s dream by populating New Eden with humans.

She believes that New Eden will be a paradise of freedom and peace. However, there is no proof of the existence of New Eden; it is just Astrid’s father’s word.

Belief and doubt

Erick also believes in the existence of New Eden, as when África is locked up, he tells her that he and Astrid are trying to send a signal to outer space using the coordinates given to them by Astrid’s father. 

This Eden is just a preparation for the New Eden. Soon, the aliens will receive their message and send them a sign. They will come to Earth and take everyone on this island to New Eden to live on a planet that has not been damaged like Earth.

However, África takes him to the transmitter room to prove to him that none of it is true. When they send the signal, they do not get a response, and Erick gets convinced that Astrid is delusional like her father.

He no longer wants to be a part of the lie, but Astrid refuses to back down. She tells everyone at Eden about New Eden and that they have received a response to their signal from the aliens.  

Welcome to Eden season 2 New Eden
Astrid tells everyone about the signal

She also tells them that they transmit musical notes that contain encrypted information into outer space to send their location and distress signals. She plays these notes as well as the ones that they received in reply; she even translates the reply for her audience.

Astrid wants the people of Eden to join her in the preparation for their journey to New Eden, and a lot of people join her, but not everyone believes Astrid, as there is no proof. Astrid also plans to use Mr. Sisuk’s inheritance to fund this project.

While Astrid and Erick’s intentions for recruiting people and forcefully keeping them on the island are revealed, whether Astrid is really delusional or whether there is more to this story will only be revealed in the next season.

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