Never Have I Ever season 4 summary and ending explained

Season 4 of Never Have I Ever follows Devi through her senior year of high school as she gets ready for college and the life ahead of her. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Devi spends the night with Ben but they feel very awkward the next morning and Devi makes a hasty exit. She admits to Eleanor and Fabiola that she might like Ben but Ben convinces himself that Devi doesn’t want to spend time with him because the sex was bad.

They end up ignoring each other all summer and when they get back to school, Ben is dating Margot and Devi isn’t pleased to see this. She lashes out at Margot and this causes problems with her admission process to Princeton.

Devi is determined to get into Princeton through early admission but constantly messes things up at every step. After her car is vandalized, she is convinced that Margot was the one who did it and almost gets her kicked out of school.

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It turns out to be a huge misunderstanding and drives an even bigger wedge between Devi and Ben. Meanwhile, Paxton is having trouble settling into college and is rethinking his decision to go there.

Trent gets insecure about being left behind by Eleanor when she goes on to do better things so he proposes to her and she says no. He says that he cares for her too much to keep her pinned down and they break up.

Nirmala starts dating a man named Len and she’s ashamed to share it with the rest of her family but Kamala finds out and convinces Nirmala that everyone will be accepting of her new beau.

Devi starts dating Ethan, the bad boy who develops a liking for her but he turns out to be a bad influence on her and almost ruins her chances to go to Princeton by stealing the admissions officer’s wallet.

Fabiola’s mother pushes her to apply to Princeton as well even though Devi had called “dibs” on it. Paxton drops out of college and returns to Sherman Oaks to become the assistant swim coach. He immediately connects with Lindsay Thompson, another young new teacher there.

Nalini meets Andres, Margot’s father when the two girls first locked horns with each other at school. She then has to see him more often after he is referred to their house for some contracting work.

The two of them have frosty beginnings because of what transpired between their daughters but after learning that they’re both single parents, they warm up to each other.

Kamala is convinced that Len is up to something shady when she overhears him talking to a strange woman while she’s still recovering from cataract surgery. Her doubts are confirmed when she actually sees them at a cafe while she’s offered a great job opportunity by her boss.

Devi begins to worry that she might not have in her to make it to college after visiting there and meeting old alumni that she idolized. Ben breaks up with Margot after she implies that he doesn’t necessarily fit in with the art world as she does.

Paxton’s life since he took a job at his old high school appeared to be great as he toed the line between being a respected faculty and the old legend he used to be as a student. Things eventually get out of hand and Lindsay tells him to get his life in order.

After coaching Eric Perkins to get onto the swim team, he realizes that his passion lies in teaching and he decides to focus more on that part of his life rather than maintaining some old image of himself.

Devi doesn’t get into Princeton through early admissions but Fabiola does and this causes a momentary rift between them. Eleanor applies to Julliard but her audition doesn’t go too well.

She is still focused on becoming an actor so she decides to graduate early and start looking for acting jobs. Len proposes to Nirmala and Kamala suspects that he’s trying to con her but it turns out to be a big misunderstanding.

Devi doesn’t get into any of the colleges she applied to and begins to worry that she may not get in anywhere. She still has one last shot to submit an essay but plans not to until Ben makes her realize how stupid that decision is.

Eleanor has a tough time starting out in Hollywood and becomes really dejected about her chances but her friends encourage her to keep trying, including Trent. She finally accepts that she’s in love with him and they get back together.

Never Have I Ever season 4 ending explained in detail:

What does Paxton decide to do?

After realizing that he has an interest in teaching, Paxton checks back with Arizona State about their teaching courses and chooses to apply back there.

He also ends up dating Lindsay after asking her out while they both served as chaperones at the prom. They are both invited to Nirmala’s wedding to Len along with Devi’s other friends.

Where does Fabiola go to college?

Fabiola got into Princeton but she never planned to go there and still considered other options. During a robotics competition, an idol of hers notices how impressive Gears Brosnan is and offers her a spot on the Howard Robotics team and mentorship.

Fabiola accepts the opportunity and tells her friends that she is headed to Howard College.

What happens to Eleanor?

Eleanor runs into her mother at one of her auditions and sees how desperate she is to land a pretty insignificant role. Insecure about the fact that she might end up in that position, she almost thinks about quitting until her friends tell her not to.

While having a conversation with Trent, he convinces her that she should maybe try her hand at directing and she goes forward with that plan.

She is eventually seen directing and starring in her own production with Trent a part of the crew.

What happens with Devi’s family?

Nirmala gets married to Len in a wonderful ceremony where Kamala and Devi even perform a traditional Indian dance. After being terrified about leaving her family, Kamala’s mind is soothed by her family and she takes the great job opportunity that is in Baltimore.

Nalini ends up dating Andres as they both seek companionship with each other after their respective children leave home for their further studies.

What lies in Devi’s future?

Devi gets into Princeton thanks to her supplemental essay where she wrote about how much of an impact her late father had on her life. However, as the day to leave gets closer, she gets overwhelmed by the feeling of leaving home.

She also has unresolved feelings for Ben that aren’t solved because he heads out to New York early for an internship. Her mother helps her realize that it will be scary but she’ll get through it just like she has with everything else in her life.

During Nirmala’s wedding, Devi is with all of her friends when Ben shows up. He says that he flew across the country because he had a strong urge to tell her that he loved her.

She reciprocates those feelings and they decide to stick together as a couple as they navigate college, and their futures.

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