Beckett ending explained: Is Beckett able to solve the conspiracy?

Beckett is a thriller film starring John David Washington and directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino. The screenplay is by Kevin A. Rice. It is now streaming on Netflix.

The story begins with an American couple, Beckett (John David Washington) and April (Alicia Vikander), vacationing in Greece. They’re headed out to their hotel late at night, with Beckett at the wheel and April choosing to take a nap in the passenger’s seat when tragedy strikes.

Beckett falls asleep while driving causing the car to veer off the road and crash into a nearby house. He catches a glimpse of a young boy and older woman before realizing that his girlfriend has been thrown from the car. He goes out to her and realizes that she’s dead.

The next morning, he wakes up at the hospital where the police confirm that his girlfriend did not make it, while questioning him about the accident. After taking in some rest, Beckett heads out to the crash site, where he’s targeted by a blonde woman (Lena Kitsopoulou), who shoots him.

She’s joined by the officer (Panos Koronis) he met earlier as they pursue him down the mountainside. He gets in contact with the American embassy in Athens and decides to head there himself since they would take longer to reach out there.

After reaching the nearest train station, he is apprehended by the officer but is able to escape his clutches. He comes across two activists and realizes that the boy he saw during the accident is actually the nephew of a popular political figure Karras (Yorgos Pirpassopoulos) and that he might be embroiled in a huge political conspiracy.

He eventually reaches Athens and makes it to the embassy but his problems don’t seem to end there.

Is Beckett going to make it out of this ordeal safe and sound?

Ending of ‘Beckett’ explained in detail:

The calm before the storm

Beckett gets cleaned up after what is a brutal journey to the embassy. He then meets with Tynan (Boyd Holbrook), an embassy employee who is tasked with taking in his statement.

Tynan informs him that April’s body was brought to the embassy as well and that he can finally see her. After having one last look at her, he heads back to Tynan’s office to figure out who might be after him.

Tynan proposes taking him to local police contact of his so that he can help with the investigation but after a long and winding drive through the city, Tynan actually tries to shock him with a taser but Beckett manages to escape again.

On the Run

Beckett remembers that the two activists he met earlier, Lena (Vicki Krieps) and Eleni (Maria Votti) are the only ones who could possibly help him at this moment.

Recalling that they would be meeting near a landmark called the ‘Praying Hands’, he heads out there to track them down. Unfortunately for him, Tynan is also waiting there with a few police officers and they get into a chase on foot through the streets of Athens.

Passing through the crowds that are headed to a political rally in the square, Beckett is finally cornered by Tynan in the basement of a shopping complex with a gun in hand, ready to shoot.

Conspiracy unravelled

Tynan gets a call at that very moment and gets the news that Karras has just been assassinated and during this call, Beckett strikes him down with a rod and demands to know the truth.

He finds out that the real people behind the kidnapping and the ones trying to kill him are actually a local mafia who lent Karras money and then took extreme measures when they weren’t paid back on time.

The US took advantage of this scenario to weaken the popularity of Karras’ political coalition and Beckett was the only link to the real truth which is why they tried to silence him. Beckett then knocks him out and takes his gun, heading out into the streets which are under complete chaos by now.

He notices the blonde woman and follows her to a parking garage where she meets up with the officer at the top level. After an intense struggle and multiple gunshots, the officer is trying to escape the parking garage by car with Beckett chasing on foot.

He gets onto the ledge of an upper level and times his jump to land on top of the car. He knocks out the officer and is approached by Lena and other passers-by and he asks them to open the trunk which turns out to be holding the kidnapped young boy.

The final scene sees Beckett gasping in exhaustion as he exclaims with regret: “I should have died”.

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