What happened to Nelton and Valdo’s father in Only For Love?

Despite being half-brothers in one band, Nelton and Valdo never saw eye to eye with each other, until a shocking revelation from the latter during the finale of Only For Love brought the duo together like never before.

Throughout the show’s run, every time Nelton and Valdo were asked about their relationship, they both had to imply they are half-brothers, not brothers.

Even when it comes to music, Nelton had to explain that his father played Gospel with his mother while with Valdo’s mother, he played Samba. It almost seemed like their father was different for both of them.

Valdo tells Eva about their father

We learned more about their father when Valdo got along well with Eva. They shared their musical passion and where it comes from.

Valdo told Eva about his father, who played pagode, samba, and some forro, and how his music held them together as a family.

It was all good until Valdo’s father started getting booked for more shows. Thus, he left his family alone as he was always out on the road playing gigs.

What happened to Nelton and Valdo's father in Only For Love? 1
Valdo tells Eva about his father

When his father stopped coming home, Valdo’s mother suspected and found out that the gig he is talking about is actually another wife, another house, and another son.

Valdo’s mother kicked his father out of the house. Valdo later reunited with him when he was 15 or 16 years old. He had a rebellious phase and his mother sent him to live with his father.

For him, it was hard adjusting to this new family and his half-brother Nelton. This stepmother of his hated him when he played an instrument. On top of that, his father wasn’t the way he was before.

Valdo reveals the truth about their father to Nelton

After failing to come out in front of his girlfriend, Nelton returned home and had a tiff with Valdo. He compared his half-brother to their father.

Nelton went on to rant about his father believing that he abandoned his children while Valdo didn’t understand why he is bringing him up. The argument got to a point where Valdo had no option but to tell Nelton the truth.

What happened to Nelton and Valdo's father in Only For Love? 2
Valdo accepts Nelton as his brother

Valdo revealed that their father was sent to prison and has been there for over a year. The reason Valdo kept this a secret from Nelton is because Nelton’s mother asked him to do so.

Valdo and Nelton’s mother believed he couldn’t handle the truth. An emotional Nelton finally musters up the courage to come out in front of his brother.

Valdo shares a hug with Nelton and declares that they are brothers from now on, no longer half-brothers or anything like that.

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