Natanael Torroja: Muted character explained

In Muted, Natanael Torroja serves as a tutor for Sergio Ciscar and helps him rejoin society by welcoming him to work at his greenhouse. The character is played by Ramiro Blas.

Natanael Torroja is an evangelical pastor assigned as a tutor to Sergio Ciscar. He is one of the few people Sergio talks to. Natanael specializes in ex-convicts, drug addicts, victims of human trafficking, and more. He helps these people rejoin society.

Sergio is released from prison a bit early because there is an opportunity for him to work at the greenhouse run by Natanael, where he meets Natanael’s wife, Silvia, and other workers.

Throughout the show, Natanael acts as a father figure to Sergio. He gives him hope and protects him from other workers who despise him. Natanael also guides Sergio on how to seek forgiveness from people.

Although Natanael seems to be guiding Sergio on the right path, there is always something fishy about him and his greenhouse, and even Sergio starts noticing something is wrong with him when a woman named Arantxa arrives at the greenhouse.

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Sergio stands up to Natanael

Arantxa joins Natanael’s greenhouse sometime after Sergio does. The very moment she arrives, Natanael lays eyes on her. Arantxa is around the same age as Sergio, so when they cross paths at the greenhouse, Arantxa tries to have a conversation with him.

Arantxa has plans to run away to a friend, and she wonders if Sergio is interested in joining her. Sergio doesn’t listen to a word she says. Natanael sees this conversation from afar and calls Sergio to remind him that this is not the right time to have girlfriends.

Natanael Torroja: Muted character explained 1
Natanael guides Sergio

When Arantxa runs away, Natanael asks Sergio if she ever mentioned that she is leaving to go somewhere. Sergio continues to state that he wasn’t really listening to what she said.

When Natanael says lying is a sin, Sergio, in turn, reminds Natanael that so is lust. This sees Natanael punishing Sergio by taking him to his parents’ grave and telling him to ask for forgiveness.

Natanael later forgets this confrontation with Sergio and comes to Sergio’s aid when he gets arrested for getting involved in a fight with Eneko and his friends.

Natanael and the members of his greenhouse protest outside the juvenile center for Sergio. An unknown number sends a video to Natanael that shows Sergio didn’t start a fight with Eneko, giving Natanael a reason to force Eneko to withdraw his statement.

Natanael’s dark side

Sergio comes back to Natanael but is more worried about the fact that the cops are still keeping an eye on him. Natanael promises to take care of these cops for him and tells him to look at the bright side.

After watching Sergio’s progress, Arantxa has come back to Natanael too, so that she can give God another chance. The truth is that she only came back because she ran out of money. Natanael doesn’t know that, but he is more than happy about her return.

Natanael plans to help Sergio get back to Noa by having him do a press conference, where he will be allowed to confess how the cops are harassing him and that he only wants to live peacefully with his sister.

Natanael Torroja: Muted character explained 2
Natanael manipulates Arantxa

Sergio sees through Natanael and realizes that he is just using him to bring more girls like Arantxa to his greenhouse. Silvia, Natanael’s wife, knows this, but she can’t stop Natanael. Sergio causes drama in front of the media and lets Natanael know that his wife is a way better person.

Everything Sergio said turns out to be true. Natanael does manipulate Arantxa and makes her get intimate with someone he says is the manager of social services.

Natanael convinces her that this is a sacrifice that she should make for the better of herself and everyone else. He also tells her that this person will help her clear her problematic record.

Natanael’s death

After making a deal with his aunt, Sergio drops by Natanael’s to get rid of the ankle monitor on him and use Natanael’s van. Arantxa sees Sergio and tells him that he can’t leave. Natanael wants to keep them trapped here and control them.

Moments later, a drunk Natanael shows up as well. He tries to intimidate Sergio. Before Sergio could lose control, Arantxa attacked Natanael from behind. Sergio helped Arantxa too.

Silvia stops Sergio from killing Natanael. She tells him to leave because he has already taken off his ankle monitor. The alarm must have gone off, and the cops could be on their way.

Silvia takes charge, and she proceeds to kill Natanael with Arantxa. Natanael’s body is later discovered by the cops and Aguirre.

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