How does Nandor use his wishes in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’?

Nandor and Guillermo find a magic lamp among Nandor’s ancestral treasures and a Djinn arises from it granting its master several wishes.

While returning from his home of Al Quolnadar, Nandor smuggled tonnes of his ancestral treasure in the hopes of using it as a dowry for his future wife. However, he was unsuccessful in his attempts to win over anyone.

After finding the lamp, Nandor gives it a proper rub and a djinn comes out and offers Nandor 52 wishes. But how does the vampire use these wishes?

The hunt for love

Since he’s looking for love, Nandor believes that the Djinn can help him with that quest. He thinks back to the 37 wives that he had back when he was still the ruler and wishes for all of them to be brought back to life.

He then proceeds to eliminate them one by one until he is left with the one wife that he truly loved. He ends up choosing Marwa, and right uses up a few wishes to alter her appearance and make her the perfect wife.

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How does Nandor use his wishes in 'What We Do in the Shadows'? 1
Nandor uses up wishes on his future bride


After getting the perfect wife, Nandor begins doubting whether he’s actually worthy of such a great partner. This results in him sulking in Nadja’s club. When she finds out his reasons, she suggests improving certain areas of himself to please his wife.

Nandor decides to ask the Djinn for the world’s biggest penis so that he can satisfy his wife. When Guillermo hears about his master’s wish, he warns him that Djinn can be tricky and will certainly mess about his wish, so he needs to be certain.

The two of them begin jotting down the details of the wish to cover all bases and make sure that nothing unsavoury happens. The Djinn is impressed by their meticulous nature and tells them that it’s a Djinn’s nature to teach people about greed and desire which is why they give wishes with a catch.

How does Nandor use his wishes in 'What We Do in the Shadows'? 2
Guillermo helps Nandor make the perfect wish

The Djinn does not want to be outdone though, and he tricks Nandor into sarcastically thanking Guillermo and then stating that every time he’ll use his new gift, he’ll be thinking of his familiar. That’s when he grants the wish leaving Nandor with a troublesome condition.

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