My Policeman ending explained: Who reports Patrick?

Prime Video’s ‘My Policeman’ is an adaptation of the eponymous 2012 novel by Bethan Roberts. It is a heartfelt tale of forbidden love and regret, focusing on a gay policeman in 1950s England.

Plot Summary

The film opens in in the late 1990s in Brighton, England. An old man named Patrick Hazlewood is moved into the care of an old friend, Marion Burgess, after suffering a stroke.

Marion’s husband Tom is not happy with this decision, and their exchange hints at a bitter past that plagues all three of them.

The plot then switches to the late 1950s where a young Tom, who is a policeman in Brighton, gets closer to Marion. They start dating and during a visit to the museum, befriend Patrick, who is the museum curator.

The three become really good friends and start spending a lot of time together. Marion is a teacher who dreams of marrying Tom, but is not sure if feels the same way. Her worries are eventually put to rest when Tom proposes to her and the two get married.

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In the present day, Marion starts reading Patrick’s old journals and the truth comes pouring out. Back in the ’50s, Patrick is gay and gets to know Tom way before the latter started courting Marion.

He invites Tom to the museum for a tour where he requests the policeman to be a model for a portrait. Tom agrees the goes to Patrick’s flat after duty.

They become friendly towards each other over conversations and a few glasses of scotch. Things get intimate and we find out that Tom is also interested in men.

Initially afraid of his truth coming out, Tom refuses to cater to his feelings but returns to Patrick and the two become lovers. It is then that Tom meets Marion, who is his sister’s friend.

Tom opens up to Patrick about wanting to marry Marion as it will help him keep his secrets safe and save his position in society. However, he isn’t willing to let his love go so Patrick agrees to share Tom with Marion.

The two get married and Patrick gives a toast at the ceremony.

My Policeman ending explained in detail:

What happens to Patrick and Tom after the wedding?

Tom and Marion move to a new house and start their married life together. However, he still keeps secretly visiting Patrick without Marion’s knowledge.

Patrick visits the couple to cook them dinner and in a drunkard state, Tom screams at him during a discussion about parenthood. The next day, Marion sees Tom tenderly apologising to Patrick and is shocked by the revelation.

She doesn’t confront her husband right away, but convinces him to try and have a baby. Tom mentions this to Patrick as their meetings become less frequent.

Patrick convinces Tom to accompany him to Venice as his assistant for an official museum tour, which infuriates Marion. She tries to stop Tom from going by accusing Patrick of being a sexual pervert, but he still goes.

What happens to Patrick?

When the lovers returns from Venice, someone ousts Patrick, and he gets arrested for his sexuality. Tom is horrified to see him in handcuffs and worries about his own career.

Marion asks him to come clean and Tom accepts he lied to her from the start. Instead of lashing out at him, she comforts him and offers to start their married life afresh.

She also calms him down by agreeing to testify in Patrick’s favour, and also gets him a good lawyer. Unfortunately, during the hearing, Marion tries to protect Patrick, but his journals works against him.

Patrick is jailed and Tom is no longer a policeman. Patrick is beaten up by fellow inmates and Marion goes to meet him. Unfortunately, owing to the sensitive circumstances, Tom cannot show up to see his lover and decides to move on with life as Marion’s husband.

Who ousts Patrick?

In the present, Marion tries to help Patrick but he doesn’t respond positively. Owing to their sensitive history, Tom refuses to see or acknowledge Patrick as well.

Having had enough of this guilt ridden existence, Marion decides to leave and reveals that it was her who ousted Patrick out of jealousy. Tom is stunned but begs her to stay. She mentions that she never felt loved by Tom after Patrick’s arrest and needs to leave this life behind.

Finally coming to terms with the past, Tom goes to Patrick’s room and hugs him tenderly as the latter cries in his arms.

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