My Dad the Bounty Hunter ending explained: Does Terry get his kids back home safely?

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an animated series that revolves around 2 children who find out that their father is secretly an intergalactic hunter who retrieves criminals. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Terry and his wife Tess have two children, Lisa and Sean, but the couple is going through a rough patch and is currently separated. The kids split their time between their father and mother and they are going to spend Sean’s birthday with Terry.

Terry is a truck driver who is barely around to spend time with the kids and while Sean still adores his father, there is some resentment from Lisa. In reality, Terry is an intergalactic bounty hunter who travels the galaxy capturing criminals for payment.

Terry receives a visit from an alien only referred to as the “Fixer” who has a job for him straight from the Conglomerate, the company that Terry works for. Terry says he’s not available but after seeing how much the pay is, he agrees to do the job.

He tells Sean that he has to go to work and cannot spend his birthday with him and Sean is greatly disappointed. He wishes he could go along with his dad to work and Lisa has an idea.

She and Sean sneak into Terry’s car and when they pop out again, they are on Terry’s spaceship. They are found by the ship’s operating system, KRS.

Terry panics after finding out that they are on the ship and wants to take them back but Lisa and Sean got rid of the warp pods he had packed, making it impossible for him to travel at warp speed.

He has no choice but to let them tag along but he insists that they stay on the ship as his job is dangerous. Lisa and Sean defy Terry’s requests at every turn and get into all sorts of trouble.

They run afoul of Terry’s old bounty-hunting partner, Glorlox. Glorlox has a new team and decides to follow Terry and try and steal his bounty from under him.

Terry learns that the fugitive, Vax, bought a huge cache of weapons and headed to the tourist planet, Chillion-5. After making a quick detour at a scrap planet to make some repairs, they head to Chillion-5, the home of Chilla Land, “The happiest place in the Galaxy”.

While they enjoy themselves at the theme park, Terry and his children learn that the main attractions of the park, the Chillas, are actually prisoners that are being exploited to mine for warp ore by the Conglomerate.

Terry says that what the Conglomerate does isn’t any of his business and he’s more focused on catching Vax. Lisa sees Vax and follows her, eventually finding out that Vax’s goal is to free the Chillas.

Lisa sneaks away from her dad and meets up with Vax, claiming that she wants to help her. Together with Vax’s team, they successfully free the Chillas but as they’re escaping through the forest, Terry catches up with them and apprehends Vax.

Lisa tries to explain that Vax is a good person but Terry is having none of it. Terry contacts the Fixer but doesn’t tell him that he has Vax prisoner. Lisa and Sean help Vax escape on Terry’s escape vehicle and a chase ensues.

As Terry is chasing Vax and his kids through a planetary storm, Glorlox shows up and goes after Terry. Terry tries to tell Glorlox that his kids are with Vax but the connection is interrupted.

Glorlox traps the escape pod in his tractor beam and then blows Terry’s ship out of the sky. Lisa and Sean believe their father is dead and tell Glorlox that he will pay for what he did.

Glorlox contacts the Fixer and tells them that he has their fugitive. Meanwhile, Terry has survived the crash on Chillion-5 and is dragged out by the Chillas who offer to help him as he’s Lisa’s father and Lisa helped them escape.

They get hold of a Conglomerate ship and sneak onto Glorlox’s ship and gain the upper hand against his crew after Vax, Lisa, and Sean escape their cell.

The Conglomerate shows up on a huge ship with the Fixer on board. They imprison Vax and Terry but offer Glorlox only 15% of the fee they promised Terry. Lisa and Sean manage to stay hidden and Lisa tries to help free her dad while Sean aims to gain control of the ship.

With some help from Glorlox and his crew, Terry, Vax, and his kids escape on Glorlox’s ship. He thanks Glorlox for his help but then leaves him behind as payback for kidnapping his kids and shooting him down.

They then drop off Vax and the Chillas on Chillion-5 and have to rush back to Earth before Tess reaches Terry’s house.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter ending explained:

How do Terry and the kids get back home?

Terry wasn’t able to get his hands on any warp pods and wonders how they’ll get back home in time but the Chillas reveal an entire cart of warp pods that they have no use for.

Sean grabs a whole bunch of them and they rush back toward Earth as Tess is backed up in traffic and on her way. Terry and the kids get back moments before Tess but she sees them walking in, still in their space outfits.

How did Terry and Tess first meet?

Tess is angry that Terry took the kids into outer space and Lisa and Sean are surprised by the fact that she knows what he does. Tess and Terry decide to share the story of how they met with their children.

Terry was out on a job to capture a notorious intergalactic criminal and was paid a hefty sum for it. The criminal turned out to be Tess and while he initially stuck to the job, Terry and Tess eventually fell in love and decided to start fresh.

They adopted new identities and started a new life on Earth and things were fine until Terry started bounty hunting again. Tess was afraid for her family’s safety which is why they decided to separate in the first place.

Do they defeat the Fixer?

The Fixer shows up at Terry’s house and begins attacking them as the whole family tries to fight back. Tess whips out a staff that she uses to fight with.

The Fixer is a weird lizard alien with the power to regenerate his wounds and proves to be too strong for Terry and his family. Even being hit by a car that Terry’s mother drove into the Fixer doesn’t put it down.

Finally, Sean throws a war pod at it and it mortally wounds the alien. Seeing their chance, Terry and Tess momentarily hold down the Fixer and jam another war pod into its body before shooting it and ending it once and for all.

Before disappearing into oblivion, the Fixer warns them that they will never be safe and that the Conglomerate is everywhere. Back on its ship, an alert rings out that the operative is down and alerts the rest of the Conglomerate.

The danger for Terry and his family doesn’t seem to be over just yet.

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