Muted summary and ending explained

In Muted, Ana Dussuel, a psychiatrist, attempts to study the behavior of Sergio Ciscar, who likely killed his own parents six years ago. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Six years ago, Sergio Ciscar apparently killed his own parents by pushing them off their house’s balcony. The judge has now issued his release order. He will be rejoining society by being part of a greenhouse run by Natanael Torroja, an evangelist.

Since the incident, Sergio hasn’t spoken to anyone. His silence is accepted as a yes from him, and this led to his arrest. He only speaks to select people when he wants to.

Sergio didn’t even talk to defend himself when the police were recreating the crime scene. In the end, the police’s version of events was accepted.

As Sergio is rejoining society, Ana Dussuel, a psychiatrist, and her team is planning to observe Sergio’s day-to-day life through cameras hidden inside his house and the ones on the streets.

Ana and her team’s goal is to determine his current psychological state and his potential level of threat. While they do that, Sergio seeks to reconnect with his younger sister, Noa, who was there the night their parents died.

After his arrest, Noa was driven away from him. To track Noa down, he contacts Marta, a 22-year-old who used to teach Noa piano and is obsessed with Sergio. She likes to think that Sergio is a nice person.

Ana makes use of Marta and convinces her that they are trying to help Sergio too by getting to the bottom of why he committed this crime. Marta agrees to help and gets close to Sergio, who very much likes Marta. He intends to open up to her.

Sergio and Marta’s closeness creates problems, as the latter’s boyfriend, Eneko, is not pleased that she is getting close to a killer. Anyhow, Marta gets the job done and brings Ana the videos from Noa’s phone that Sergio had.

Taking part in this experiment ruins Marta’s social life. A piece of news spreads among her friends and family, suggesting that she is dating a killer.

Meanwhile, through Noa’s videos, Ana learns that Sergio was on medications before his parents died. Sergio reveals the same during a heart-to-heart conversation with Marta.

Ana also grows more obsessed with Sergio, and her team starts wondering what is wrong with her. She makes questionable decisions, and this investigation turns into an attempt to prove that Sergio is innocent. 

It is later revealed that Ana once worked under Sergio’s mother, Blanca. She approaches an old friend of hers for help and receives a bag full of Blanca’s research on Sergio.

Sergio is certainly gifted with a high level of intelligence, but he also has problems with self-control. Sergio used to have violent episodes, and they became Blanca’s obsession. She studied Sergio and treated him with various drugs.

Blanca’s videos lead Ana to a hidden room inside Sergio’s house, where she finds the drugs Blanca was using to treat Sergio. Javier, Sergio’s father, used to collaborate with several laboratories running clinical trials. Ana wants to find out what’s in this medication and if it’s from one of those laboratories.

Amidst all of this, sub-commissioner Cabrera kept an eye on Ana’s experiment. In fact, he was trying to sabotage the investigation one way or another.

Since Ana’s team is doubting her, he uses the opportunity and manipulates a few of her teammates, including Greta, Ana’s second-in-command, who ends up handing Cabrera the drug found at Sergio’s house.

Cabrera is working with Aguirre, the judge who worked on Sergio’s case. Aguirre and Cabrera get rid of these drugs because they are linked to the laboratories they are trying to protect.

At the Green House, Sergio finds himself in an argument with Natanael, and even Marta abandons him when a sex tape of hers gets leaked. A lonely Sergio stops attending the police station for sign-in or going to the Green House, giving Cabrera the perfect reason to end this experiment.

A desperate Ana then resorts to the last measure by involving her daughter in all of this, who is none other than Noa.

Muted ending explained in detail:

Did Sergio really kill his parents?

Sergio makes a deal with his aunt. He offers her his grandfather’s inheritance in exchange for Noa’s phone number. When he contacts Noa through that number, Ana receives his message, and she shows up at his door.

Marta arrives next and reveals what Ana is up to. Marta now knows Sergio didn’t leak the tape; Eneko did it, but Sergio doesn’t care. Once Marta and Eneko are out, Sergio confesses what transpired the day his parents died.

According to him, Blanca was planning to medicate Noa too. He didn’t feel it was right. He and his father, Javier, stood up for Noa, and Javier accidentally pushed Blanca from the balcony while arguing. Filled with guilt, Javier jumped from there too.

After hearing this story, Noa goes to Sergio’s apartment to tell the truth. Noa reveals that Sergio experienced a mental block that day, and he did kill both of their parents.

Sergio denies this truth, but Noa further clarifies that their mother didn’t abuse Sergio. She was cold and not affectionate, but she loved them. She only tried to help Sergio.

What happens to Sergio and Ana?

Noa walked all the way to Sergio’s apartment to get her mother back. She didn’t come for Sergio. Ana hugs her daughter, but she decides to stay with Sergio.

Ana connects with Sergio because, just like him, she struggled to fit into society and felt different. It’s clear that she isn’t able to have a great relationship with her family or friends in general.

Once Noa leaves Sergio’s house, Sergio goes back to the same balcony from where he killed his parents. Ana joins him as well. One of them is seen falling from there. It is not revealed who exactly jumped or got killed.

Why is Cabrera arrested?

Things worked in Cabrera’s favor for a very long time, until Mikel, who betrayed Ana and worked for Cabrera for a while, realized that Cabrera is no different than Ana. Cabrera is asking for snipers just to kill Sergio.

Mikel warns Cabrera that no one should get hurt inside Sergio’s apartment. Cabrera pays no heed to his warning, which leads Mikel to contact Cabrera’s higher official and inform her about Cabrera bribing people and destroying information related to some laboratories.

As proof, Mikel had one of the vials of the medication Blanca used to treat Sergio. Therefore, when the cops circle Sergio’s apartment, they arrest Cabrera too.

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