Murder Mystery 2 ending explained: Who kidnaps the Maharajah?

A sequel to 2019’s Murder Mystery, this action comedy whodunnit follows Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston), who travel to their friend Vikram Govindan AKA The Maharajah’s wedding on his private island. Unfortunately, when he gets kidnapped, the getaway turns into another twisted case for the couple. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Murder Mystery 2 opens with Nick and Audrey running a private investigation agency after solving the murder case in the previous film. Having quit their jobs, they put all their effort into this new venture.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t taken off, and its reputation starts falling due to botched jobs. The couple argues a lot, with Audrey trying to convince Nick to read a book by ex-MI6 agent Connor Miller.

She believes if they study and take a test to get certified, their business will have a better chance of succeeding. As an ex-cop, Nick finds it offensive to need a certification.

They soon receive a phone call from their friend from the last film, Vikram “Vik” Govindan AKA The Maharajah. The wealthy Indian businessman invites the couple to his wedding on his private island for the weekend.

Nick and Audrey agree that this getaway is just what they need and make the journey. As they land on the beautiful tropical island, they are greeted by Vik and his French fiancée Claudette. Also, they run into Colonel Ulenga, who is now Vik’s bodyguard and is missing an arm.

The duo is stunned by their accommodation and prepares for the Sangeet ceremony. There, we are introduced to a few more key characters. First among them is Saira, Vik’s younger sister, who despises rich people.

Next in line is Francesco Perez, a former soccer player who is the chairman of the board of directors of Shiz-Vik, the Maharajah’s company. Finally, we meet Countess Sekou and her accomplice, Imani.

The former is Vik’s ex-fiancée and Claudette’s university roommate. Ironically, she is also the maid of honor. After these character interactions, the dance performances get underway, and as everyone starts enjoying themselves, disaster strikes.

The groom seemingly enters atop an elephant but falls to the floor with a knife in his back. Saira checks up on her brother and realizes it isn’t Vik but one of his bodyguards. Unfortunately, before they can get answers, the man dies.

Nick realizes this is a distraction and runs outside to find his friend. He notices a man shoving Vik into a boat and driving away. He has no choice but to tell everyone that the Maharajah has been kidnapped. Furthermore, the CCTV footage on the island goes corrupt.

Since only a handful of people knew of the elephant plan, Claudette, Sekou, Imani, Saira, Ulenga, and Francesco, are all suspects. The couple realizes that it is a two-person job and the second culprit was the one dressed as the elephant handler.

Nick and Audrey ask everyone to sit tight and head to their room. Soon, all the main suspects come knocking, one by one, to blame the crime on someone else.

As they argue, Claudette gets a call from the kidnapper, who states that the ransom demands will be made the next day at 7 am. They also warn everyone against informing the authorities.

Before the group can discuss this further, Nick and Audrey pass out allegedly because of being drugged. The next morning, Connor Miller arrives on the scene with his team.

Audrey and Nick try to share their findings with the expert detective but are shocked when he marks them as primary suspects due to their financial condition and spiraling business.

The kidnapper calls and demands to speak only to Nick. The former cop plays it cool and keeps the culprit on the phone long enough to get a trace. The ransom demand is $70 million in untraceable bearer bonds, and the exchange is in Paris.

Murder Mystery 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens in Paris?

Connor takes the gang to France, and they await instructions. Nick and Audrey are picked to make the exchange, and the former MI6 agent briefs them.

Once at the location, the kidnapper’s three masked henchmen ask them to get into a van at gunpoint. They are told that Vik will be handed to them at another location.

Despite being told not to go to a new place with the culprits, the couple gives in. A scuffle breaks out, and the duo kills the three perpetrators, wrecking a lot of public property with the moving van.

To make things worse, the mysterious kidnapper releases altered CCTV footage showing Nick with a murder weapon in his hand on the island. Connor arrives on the scene and praises them for keeping the money safe.

They suspect he might be the kidnapper as he is about to leave with the case, but his car explodes. Then, a biker takes the money bag from the burning vehicle, but a truck runs them over.

Finally, the truck driver takes the case and drives off. Nick and Audrey are so confused, but the two are now wanted in Paris once again. So, they contact Inspector Delacroix for help.

Who steals the money?

They meet him at an opera and request him to get a location on the truck’s license plate. Delacroix asks them to tie him up, to avoid suspicion, and lends them his car.

The couple arrives at a huge mansion and is shockingly taken hostage by Sekou and Imani. The former reveals that she isn’t the kidnapper, but loves money. Therefore, she intervened in the plan to get the $70 million.

In a shocking twist, Sekou sets the place on fire, betrays Imani, and shoots her. However, before she can leave with the money, a dying Imani also shoots the countess.

As the place starts to burn down, a tied-up Audrey and Nick use their special business card with dental floss to break free. Finally, they call Claudette and ask her to give the kidnapper a message.

They invite everyone, including the kidnapper, to meet them at the Jules Verne restaurant, atop the Eiffel tower, at midnight.

Is Connor Miller alive?

At the restaurant, Audrey lists out motives for everyone. However, Vik appears from within an elevator, wearing a bomb vest. He says that the kidnapper wants him to send the money case to the top floor or else the bomb will explode.

Nick reveals he read Connor’s book and claims it is a bluff. The kidnapper will never do anything to jeopardize the ransom exchange. Rightly so, the timer runs out, and the bomb doesn’t explode.

This is when Connor enters the room, revealing himself as the kidnapper. He explains that his car did explode, but he hid inside a bomb-proof titanium chamber in the back seat.

His man was the one on the bike and would have gotten the money had Sekou and Imani not intervened. Connor is impressed but finally arms the bomb vest.

The arrival of a civilian causes a distraction, and all hell breaks loose. Audrey, Connor, and Nick end up on the top deck, fighting for the case and their lives.

Nick opens the case and throws the bonds from the tower. Audrey gets her hands on a gun but accidentally shoots Nick in the leg. Thinking that he has the upper hand, Connor doesn’t realize that the couple has tricked him.

He gets pulled off the edge because of a rope tied to his back and falls onto the rotors of his team’s helicopter. With both the kidnapper and the chopper taken care of, Vik thanks the couple for saving his life

Who is the second kidnapper?

Everyone is relieved, but Audrey can’t stop thinking about the smeared henna on Saira’s wrist. She saw a burning robe stained with henna (which she earlier thought was blood) on the day Vik was kidnapped and puts the pieces together. It was Saira who was dressed as the elephant handler.

Nick claims she is jealous of Vik because the parents gave him the family business. Furthermore, Audrey hypothesizes that it was Saira who tried to kill Vik in Mumbai before his wedding.

The sister gives up the facade and tries to shoot Vik once again. Luckily Colonel Ulenga jumps in the way, and Claudette knocks Saira out. The next day, Nick and Audrey receive a huge sum of money from Vik, who also lends them his helicopter to travel.

Unfortunately, as they fly to their next holiday destination, the pilot takes the money from them at gunpoint and jumps out. The couple rushes to control the pilotless helicopter as the credits roll.

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