Ms. Marvel’s bracelet explained: How is it different from the comics?

The first episode of Ms. Marvel was released recently which focused on Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teenager who suddenly develops a set of powers similar to her idol, Captain Marvel. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.

Kamala’s powers have been slightly altered when compared to their comic origins, with a particular significance placed on the bracelet that she receives. Here’s a look at what we know so far about her powers and how it has changed from the comics.

How she got the bracelet

One day when she returns home, her mother places a box on the coffee table and confirms that it’s just old stuff belonging to Kamala’s grandmother. When Kamala pulls out the bracelet and asks her mother about it, she’s told in no uncertain terms that it is junk and belongs in the attic.

Ms. Marvel's bracelet explained: How is it different from the comics? 1
Kamala fetches the bracelet from the attic

When Kamala is looking for something personal to add flair to her Captain Marvel costume, she decides to wear the bracelet and takes it out of the attic. However, as soon as she puts it on at the convention, a wave of energy washes over her and her new abilities make their first appearance.

Her powers in the MCU

Kamala’s powers seem to resemble those of Captain Marvel. She can create cosmic constructs based on what she’s thinking but she does not seem to have proper control as of yet.

Ms. Marvel's bracelet explained: How is it different from the comics? 2
Putting on the bracelet awakens her powers

She causes a lot of havoc at AvengerCon but also manages to save Zoey before getting out there with Bruno.

From the moment that she brought up the bracelet and her mother’s reaction to it, it was clear that it would be of some importance. The short glimpse of the other realm that Kamala briefly visited and another reference to her grandmother’s rebellious past all point to her powers being tied to her heritage and that bracelet in particular.

Her powers in the comics

Kamala Khan is an Inhuman, a race of humans with Kree (an alien race) blood in her which grants her special abilities. These dormant abilities are activated when she is exposed to Terrigen mist one night while she’s out at a party.

Ms. Marvel's bracelet explained: How is it different from the comics? 3
Kamala Khan’s powers of elongation

Her powers can be described as ‘Polymorphism’, and lie somewhere between the powers of Antman and Mr Fantastic. She can elongate different parts of her body, shrink and enlarge entirely, and even shapeshift into other people or inanimate objects.

While bracelets are part of the attire, in the comics they are purely a cosmetic addition and do not contribute to her powers in any way.

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