Mrs. Zhang: Sweet Tooth season 2 character explained

In Sweet Tooth season 2, General Abbot attempts to please Mrs. Zhang, who is one of the three warlords who can aid him in creating his utopian sanctuary.

In the second season of Sweet Tooth, General Abbot forces Dr. Singh to create a cure that can fight the new deadly strain of the virus called the Doomsday strain.

General Abbot is rushing things because the virus is spreading rapidly and he intends to sell the cure to The Three, which includes warlords Dutch, Voss, and the most powerful and feared, Helen Zhang.

More than Dutch and Voss, Abbot wanted to meet Zhang. Unfortunately, she doesn’t show up to hear his proposal. The Three disrespect General Abbot by saying that they don’t drop their work for anyone. Dutch even claims that they will never accept what Abbot has to offer.

Abbot lures The Three in

Abbot’s Last Men were ready to attack and kill Dutch, but Abbot assured them that The Three will come begging to him once they realize what he has. After spreading the word that he really has a cure, Abbot invites The Three to Essex County to share his plans.

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Dutch keeps their differences aside and comes to meet General Abbot. Voss arrives too out of curiosity. Meanwhile, Mrs. Zhang, though considered the most feared among them, carries a calm and nice attitude around Abbot, knowing that he might be able to save the world.

Mrs. Zhang acknowledges that Abbot is not going to just hand them the cure. He is certainly looking for something out of it. Therefore, once Dr. Singh has done his job of explaining the cure to The Three, Abbot introduces them to “Evergreen.”

Evergreen is going to be a safe haven where they may have their normal lives back and will be protected from the Sick as the place will have a 30-foot-high wall.

Mrs. Zhang: Sweet Tooth season 2 character explained 1
Mrs. Zhang makes an alternative offer to General Abbot

Abbot offers them a place in Evergreen, alongside 150 of their best people. The price to enter Evergreen is the resources they have. Abbot already has the infrastructure, the personnel to maintain it, and the cure. What he doesn’t have is food, fresh water, or a power supply.

Mrs. Zhang has mastered the art of agriculture in this post-apocalyptic world. Dutch has a river that will give them fresh water, and Voss has solar panels that can power Evergreen.

Abbot’s pitch is ruined by the arrival of Gus, who reveals that the cure is being made by killing the hybrids. Upon learning this, The Three immediately back out of Abbot’s deal.

Abbot runs after Mrs. Zhang to convince her to stay. Mrs. Zhang doesn’t care about the lives of these hybrids. She says family is the most important thing to her.

She wants all the spots in Evergreen if Abbot wants her to say yes to this. Abbot reminds her that he still needs Dutch and Voss’ resources. Mrs. Zhang gets them to Abbot by getting Dutch and Voss killed right away.

What is next for Mrs. Zhang?

Abbot dies during the battle with Gus and his friends, and one of Mrs. Zhang’s followers informs her about it. When she learns that they didn’t find the cure near his body, she assumes that he never had one.

Mrs. Zhang’s follower says they did find an audio tape belonging to Abbot’s doctor. Mrs. Zhang orders them to transcribe the clip. She may possibly learn that Dr. Singh really got close to making the cure and go looking for him.

It is also revealed that Mrs. Zhang has some ferocious pets inside a cage. She feeds them from time to time and may bring them when she faces Dr. Singh or Gus and his friends again.

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