Mr. Mao: Marry My Dead Body character explained

In Marry My Dead Body, Mr. Mao is Mao-mao’s father. He is initially against Mao-mao marrying a boy. Tuo Chung Hua plays Mr. Mao.

When gay marriage is legalized, Mao-mao dreams of growing old with his boyfriend, Chen Chia-hao, like others. However, his own father is against this.

Mr. Mao calls this affection unnatural and claims that he will never support this marriage. Mao-mao fights with his father for Chia-hao. He tries to convince him that it took a lot of courage to tell him this.

Mr. Mao says he can’t stop Mao-mao, but if he marries Chia-hao, knowing how his father feels about it, he will lose his father. A disappointed Mao-mao leaves the dinner midway through that night.

Mao-mao calls Chia-hao, looking for some comfort. Chia-hao doesn’t pick up the call, and Mao-mao ends up getting hit by a car.

The footage of the accident disappears, and the Gia-Gun precinct closes the case. Mr. Mao hates the cops for not helping them and decides to investigate on his own.

When Ming-han walks into their lives as the husband of Mao-mao’s ghost, Mr. Mao initially protests, but soon sees this as fate and requests Ming-han to investigate.

The truth only Mr. Mao knows

At the end of Marry My Dead Body, Ming-han ends up in the hospital after successfully taking Hsiao-yuan, the man responsible for Mao-mao’s death, down.

Mr. Mao visits him, and Ming-han asks Mr. Mao to speak his heart out because Mao-mao is listening. Mr. Mao then confesses that he will apologize to Mao-mao because he got him killed.

So it turns out that Mr. Mao had changed his views on Mao-mao’s marriage to a boy because he loved his son no matter what. To surprise Mao-mao, he visited his and Chia-hao’s apartment and saw Chia-hao cheating on Mao-mao.

Mr. Mao: Marry My Dead Body character explained 1
Mr. Mao tells Ming-han the truth

This is the reason Mr. Mao continued to stay against this marriage and warned Mao-mao the night he died. Mr. Mao didn’t have the courage to tell Mao-mao the truth because he didn’t want to see his son hurt, as he loved his boyfriend unconditionally. So he let him think that his father is homophobic and doesn’t care about what he loves.

When Mao-mao died, Mr. Mao visited Chia-hao and punched him. He quickly regretted this action. He went to Chia-hao again, as he needed the passcode for Mao-mao’s phone. Chia-hao didn’t provide Mr. Mao with the passcode, even when he begged, and brushed him off.

Mao-mao talks to his father

After hearing all of this, through Ming-han, Mao-mao apologizes to his father for causing him so much worry. He thanks him for showing him so much unconditional love and says he wants to come back as his son again.

Mending things with his father becomes Mao-mao’s dying wish, which allows him to fade away and reincarnate.

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