Mr. Hernández: The Great Seduction (2023) character explained

In The Great Seduction, Mr. Hernández is from the fish-packing company that has plans to build a plant on the island of Santa María. Javier Diaz Duenas plays Mr. Hernández.

Mr. Hernández and the fish-packing company give the people of Santa María several challenges when it comes to building a plant on their island.

The first thing the people of Santa María need is a doctor who is willing to move here. Germán comes close to making this happen, as he and the townsfolk are in the process of seducing Dr. Mateo, who has come to the island for a month, into staying.

Germán rings Mr. Hernández, claiming that they have solved their doctor problem. However, Mr. Hernández had more challenges for Santa María.

New challenges that Mr. Hernández brings

Though Santa María now has a doctor, Mr. Hernández doesn’t have good news for them. They have decided to build the plant in Catalina de los Ríos. The people of Catalina de los Ríos have made the fish-packing company a good offer.

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When Germán claims that they can make a good offer too, Mr. Hernández reveals that the people of Catalina de los Ríos are paying them a generous personal guarantee.

Mr. Hernández: The Great Seduction (2023) character explained 1
Mr. Hernández and Germán discuss Santa María’s population

Another obstacle in Santa María’s way is its population. Mr. Hernández claims that they need at least 210 people living on the island in order to complete their project. Santa María’s census suggests only 110 inhabitants live on this island.

Convincing Mr. Hernández

Germán plans to offer Mr. Hernández a better deal than the people of Catalina de los Ríos. He asks Benjamín, the town’s bank manager, for a loan. After putting up a fight, Benjamín approves the loan by himself without the permission of his superiors, hoping that the fish-packing company won’t back out.

Coming to the census, Germán proves that the numbers are technically wrong by inviting Mr. Hernández to the island. He makes Mr. Hernández count the number of people in the restaurant they are at and then takes him to church.

While Germán and Mr. Hernández are on their way to the church, the people at the restaurant work together and reach the church from another path.

So when Mr. Hernández arrives at church, he finds it full of people. Mr. Hernández is too drunk to figure out that these are the same people he saw at the restaurant.

Later, when Dr. Mateo agrees to be Santa María’s doctor, all the problems are sorted, and Mr. Hernández and the fish-packing company build a plant here.

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