Mr. Chiang’s death in Copenhagen Cowboy explained

Mr. Chiang is a Chinese gangster who owns the Dragon Palace and develops a fondness for Miu and her supernatural abilities.

After getting away from Rosella’s house, Miu finds herself at the Dragon Palace where the hostess, Mother Hulda tells her that they’re closing and sends her away.

Miu leaves but as she does so, a pregnant woman walks up to the restaurant and calls for Hulda. Miu goes out to the back where Hulda is feeding her pigs and tells her that there is someone who needs her help.

A miracle worker

Miu helps Hulda deliver the baby but it isn’t breathing and the mother begins to panic. Miu uses her powers to breathe life into the baby and Hulda is mesmerised by this feat.

She gives her a place to stay and is very kind to her. Mr. Chiang suffers from migraines and after hearing about Miu, he goes to the Dragon Palace to meet her.

Miu agrees to help him but when she goes into his mind, she sees that he took Hulda’s child, Ai, away from her and is keeping the child with him. She cures his migraines, but the next time she does it she asks that he return Ai to her.

A series of favors

Hulda tells Miu that she made a grave mistake and Mr. Chiang will keep her daughter until she pays him back for everything. Her form of payment is complicated, however, as the gangsters drop off bodies at the restaurant and she chops and feeds them to her pigs so that there’s no evidence of a crime.

When Miu asks Mr. Chiang how much it would cost to free Ai, he gives her a piece of paper and tells her that if she acquires that amount within a week, he will give her what she wants.

Miu gets her hands on 8 kilos of cocaine that is worth many times the amount he asked for but he says that he isn’t interested in cocaine and has it flushed down the toilet.

In a peculiar coincidence, he then asks her to kill a man for him instead and shows her a picture. The man turns out to be Dusan, a close friend of Miroslav the lawyer. She kills him with ease and Mr. Chiang agrees to return Ai.

He lets Ai leave with Hulda after revealing that she is his daughter as well and he kept her by his side because he deeply cared for her and wasn’t consulted when Hulda decided to have her.

He tells Miu that he’s been cheated by women many times and asks her if her powers can heal his heart. He asks her to simply lay by his side for the night and see how it goes.

He sleeps peacefully and the next morning, he asks Miu to marry him because his kind is at peace and he’s in love with her and her capabilities.

Mr. Chiang's death in Copenhagen Cowboy explained 1
Mr. Chiang has no option but to fight Miu after she rejects him

When she refuses, he says that he will go back on his work and kill her as well as Mother Hulda and Ai. Miu is then forced to put him down in a fight.

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