Monti: Turn of the Tide character explained

Monti, played by Francesco Acquaroli, is one of the antagonists in Turn of the Tide. He comes to Rabo de Peixe to recover the drugs that were lost in a shipwreck, but getting them back from a group of amateurs turns out to be harder than expected. 

Gianluca and Francesco are related to and work for the Sicilian Mafia Godfather, Massimo Occhupinti. They were tasked with transporting a ton of cocaine, but when they get stuck in a storm, they lose the drugs.

Things get worse for them when the drugs get washed up on the shore of Rabo de Peixe and the police get alerted. Eduardo finds the rest of the packets and takes them all. While the police arrest Francesco, Gianluca is killed by Eduardo and his friends in an accident.

With the police looking for the drugs, the Italians decide to send one of their men to recover the cargo. This is where Monti, Gianluca’s cousin and Francesco’s brother-in-law, comes into the picture.

A mafia boss’ failure

Monti is more efficient than Gianluca and Francesco. As soon as he comes to Rabo de Peixe, he looks for the walkie-talkie that Gianluca was using at the time of his death. 

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He finds the device in the ocean. With that, he also finds Eduardo’s car that Eduardo and his friends got rid of after hitting Gianluca with it. After that, it does not take him long to reach Eduardo’s house. 

Eduardo has no choice but to give Monti his drugs back. However, when he takes Monti and his own father, Jeremias, to the location where the drugs were hidden, he finds them gone, as Rafael and Arruda took the drugs before Monti, Eduardo, and Jeremias could reach there.

Monti threatens to kill Jeremias, but Eduardo manages to stop him by promising to return the drugs. Eduardo and Jeremias then get rid of Monti by pushing him into the ocean and leaving him there, which gives Eduardo enough time to leave Rabo de Peixe.

Monti is stranded in the middle of nowhere, but he finds a way to get to Rabo de Peixe, and the first thing that he does is kill Jeremias. He then finds Francesco, who has broken out of prison.

To get to Eduardo, Monti kidnaps Carlinhos, and Eduardo agrees to return the drugs in exchange for his friend’s life. Monti brings Carlinhos to the place where the exchange is supposed to take place, not knowing that Eduardo is now working with the police to catch him.

Turn of the Tide Monti
Eduardo comes to rescue Carlinhos from Monti

The arrival of the police gives Eduardo and Carlinhos an opportunity to flee. Monti is not willing to let them get away easily, so he shoots an officer and chases Eduardo and Carlinhos. The two friends still get away and reach the ship that will take them to the US.

Monti is relieved when he gets the truck that has the drugs in it, only to find it full of empty crates. His relief turns to anger and frustration when he realizes that Eduardo managed to fool him once again and get away, leaving Monti with no drugs and the police looking for him everywhere.

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