Monika Bogucka: Colors of Evil: Red character explained

Monika Bogucka, played by Zofia Jastrzębska, is the victim in the murder case that Bilski is determined to solve.

Although Monika does not have any work experience, she gets a bartending job at the Shipyard Club. She also starts dating the man in charge of the club. 

What Monika does not know is that the club is owned by Łukasz Kazarski, a gangster who takes an interest in her.

Monika’s traumatic experiences

When Monika was fourteen, she went to a camp where she was sexually assaulted. The experience changed Monika.

Monika was depressed, but she did not tell anyone about the incident. She eventually recovered from it, but she never forgot about it; it is one of her earliest memories. 

As she grew up, Monika partied a lot, but as her grades were always good, her mother never objected. 

Eventually, she starts working at the Shipyard Club, where she deals drugs for her boyfriend, unaware of the dangers of the job. 

One day, she tries selling drugs to an older man, Łukasz Kazarski, who mistakes her efforts for flirting. She then comes to know that Kazarski is a dangerous man.

Monika realizes that she is putting herself in danger by dealing and tries to back out of it, but her boyfriend convinces her to continue.

Later, Kazarski invites Monika to his house with his gang present and declares his intention to marry her. That day, Monika also witnesses him kill a man after mutilating him.

Colors of Evil Red Monika
Monika witnesses a murder at Kazarski’s house

Monika wants nothing more than to leave, but her boyfriend informs her that she cannot get away from Kazarski anymore. 

The boyfriend she had trusted to protect her allows Kazarski to physically and sexually assault Monika over a period of time. 

Monika gathers the courage to go to the police, but a corrupt police officer informs Kazarski about it and sends her to him. 

Monika is threatened by Kazarski, and her fear of him keeps her from telling her parents about the continued assault. 

Finally, she confides in her father, only to find out that Kazarski is using her to threaten her father into doing his bidding. 

Upon learning what Monika has been through, her father sends her into hiding to keep her safe. Monika had recovered once before, and now she must go through it all over again.

Monika then seeks help from her friend Mario, who allows Monika to stay at his father’s house on Sobieszewska Island. She also shares her traumatic past with him.

Despite everything she tells him, Mario forces himself on her, and when Monika resists, he ends up killing her. To save Mario and frame a convict for her murder, Dubiela mutilates Monika’s body.

Monika’s trust is broken by those she trusted, but following her death, her mother recognizes her failure to protect her and does not rest until she brings those who hurt her to justice.

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