Monica, O My Darling ending explained: Who killed Monica?

‘Monica, O My Darling’ is a thriller-comedy based on Jayant Arkhedkar, a robotics specialist who finds himself entangled in a web of conspiracies. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

7 months before the events of the film, Dev Prakash, an employee of the robotics company Unicorn, is murdered through the use of a robot by Gaurya.

Gaurya was in love with Shalu, who had accepted Dev’s proposal. He committed the murder in the fear of losing her.

In the present day, Gaurya and Shalu are together. Satyanarayan Adhikari, the CEO of Unicorn announces the latest board member; Jayant Arkhedkar.

Satyanarayan met him at an IIT and hired him. Now, Jayant is touted to be the next CEO, as well as his son-in-law, as he is going to marry his daughter, Nikki. Shalu is also revealed to be his sister.

Jayant has been secretly sleeping with Satyanarayan’s secretary, Monica. She claims to be pregnant with his child and wants financial support.

Nishikant Adhikari, Satyanarayan’s son, approaches Jayant and reveals that Monica has been giving the exact same threat to him and the company’s CFO, Arvind.

The three come up with a plan to kill her. Nishikant makes them sign a contract that states the three are going to kill Monica as a fail-safe in case the two chicken out.

Nishikant commits the murder, Jayant sneaks out from a trip with Nikki to transport the body, while Arvind, who seeks Jayant’s help to dispose of the corpse, makes a mess of it and fails, leaving it in the open.

The two return to the office and are shocked to find Monica very much alive. In a twist, the corpse turns out to be of Nishikant. To make matters worse, ACP Naidu, an extremely cunning cop, is put in charge of the case and is hot on Jayant’s trail.

Both Arvind and Jayant receive a mysterious box. Just when Jayant is about to open it, he notices in the news that Arvind received the same box and was killed by a snake inside it.

A snake emerges from Jayant’s box, but he is able to save himself by remaining still until the snake exits the room.

Jayant realises someone has the contract he signed earlier and is playing games with him. He assumed that it was Monica who killed Nishikant and got her hands on it.

He confronts her directly and a heated tussle ensues. At the end of it, Monica says she isn’t the one who killed Nishikant and Arvind.

Monica suddenly dies due to poisoning right in front of Jayant. He attempts to escape the scene of the crime, running into a blind old woman on his way out.

Monica O My Darling ending explained in detail:

Who killed Nishikant and Arvind?

Shalu finds a file on the death of Dev Prakash. Although the security head Faridi was fired for the incident, many believed that it was a malfunction of the robot built by Jayant.

Assuming that the death was Jayant’s fault, she is furious. However, Jayant assures her that it wasn’t the robot and he’ll find the culprit from the source who committed the crime that day.

When he does so, the name Gaurya comes up, who suddenly attacks him. He confesses to killing Nishikant and Arvind.

The day he killed Dev, Nishikant was present. He began asking Gaurya to complete tasks for him. The day he blackmailed Gaurya to kill Monica was when he retaliated and murdered him instead.

He found the contract and assumed Arvind and Jayant know about the incident with Dev as well, which is why he tried to kill them. But he later realised they were unaware.

He wasn’t the one who killed Monica and believes there is another person even more powerful than him who is pulling the strings.

Gaurya tries to use the robot to kill Jayant as well but it backfires and Jayant kills him using it instead.

Who killed Monica?

ACP Naidu still believes that Jayant killed Monica. She even finds a witness; the blind old lady Jayant ran into earlier. It turns out that she is an expert with perfumes and caught his scent.

However, another employee, named Tamang, is later found to be the one who poisoned Monica. He supposedly killed himself in the exact same way out of guilt.

Later, Jayant asks ACP Naidu whether Monica was actually pregnant. She poses a question instead: Whose child would it be? Jayant believes that it would be his. But Naidu tells him that the father would actually be Satyanarayan.

Monica was blackmailing Satyanarayan as well. He tasked Tamang with killing her, promising to give him a seat on the board. He then asked Naidu to kill Tamang.

Although Tamang was the one who killed Monica, the actual mastermind behind the murder was Satyanarayan.

Is Jayant dead or alive?

ACP Naidu asks Jayant to stay alive. She’s a corrupt cop who works for Satyanarayan and realises that Jayant will be the CEO in the future and his best source of money.

Jayant still doesn’t know what happened to the contract. He doesn’t find it in the office and decides to search Gaurya’s house.

He finds the contract and burns it. But to his shock, two snakes confront him. As they attack, the contract falls to the ground and the screen goes dark.

It is never confirmed whether he actually died or not. Additionally, the list of possible attackers is very small. Most of his enemies are already dead and Satyanarayan is shown to be very protective of him. Although he would be the prime suspect.

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