Money Heist season 5 part 2 summary and ending explained

The final instalment of the crime drama ‘Money Heist’ is now available for streaming on Netflix. The story of a gang of bank robbers pulling off extraordinary heists comes to a close in a thrilling conclusion.


The story begins in the aftermath of Tokyo’s (Ursula Corbero) valiant sacrifice. Major Sagasta (José Manuel Seda) provides an update to a team outside, while the Professor (Alvaro Morte) is completely distraught and momentarily loses focus. Alicia (Najwa Nimri) uses this distraction to slip away from them.

Colonel Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) tries to take back control of the situation and promises to send in the army but Sagasta holds him off and tells him to have some patience. The Professor and Marseille (Luka Peros) head out after Alicia, leaving Benjamin (Ramon Agirre) behind at the stormwater tank to carry out the plan as instructed.

Back in the past, Berlin (Pedro Alonso) arrives on an offshore platform in Norway where he meets up with Palermo and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) to steal an industrial oil extraction pump that will be necessary for the Bank of Spain heist.

Inside the bank, Sagasta negotiates with Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) as a means of distraction while his squadmate, Arteche (Jennifer Miranda) sneaks around the bank to defuse all the explosives at the major entry points. Having melted down all the gold into small balls, they begin sending it out through the pipes using the pump.

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The professor catches up with Alicia but she outsmarts him and takes him prisoner straight to Tamayo’s house to negotiate a deal. Tamayo doesn’t budge and the professor escapes as well, leaving him and Alica to form a temporary alliance to get out of their predicament.

Benjamin and his crew work round the clock to reforge the gold balls back into ingots and load them onto the trucks. Meanwhile, the professor gets in touch with them and they manage to extract him and Alicia out of the city in the middle of an emergency lockdown.

The two medical personnel who had come in to operate on Helsinki (Darko Peric), Sagasta, and another injured soldier turn out to be soldiers themselves and they take part in the plan to overthrow the gang once Arteche completes her objective and gives the signal.

Berlin’s wife, Tatiana (Diana Gomez), leaves him for his son, Rafael (Patrick Criado) and the heartbreak of this betrayal leads to Berlin getting arrested and eventually dropping his plan and agreeing to the Professor’s plan to rob the Royal Mint instead.

The police send a couple of teams to all the locations along the route of the pipes to locate the gold. As soon as the gold is placed in the trucks and ready to transport, a squad of police cars arrive at the tank and the professor orders everyone to surrender rather than start another gunfight.

After sitting in the van for an unusually long time, they realize that they were outfoxed and someone else came in pretending to be the police and stole the gold. Given that very few people knew the plan and its details, the professor and Palermo deduce that it has to be Tatiana and Rafael who are responsible.

Once the army seizes control of the bank, Tamayo enters and contacts the professor with their radio. The professor says that he shall turn himself in so that Tamayo can take credit for nabbing the entire gang. He then gives Alicia and Benjamin the task of finding where Rafael and Tatiana must have stashed the gold.

If you still have doubts from the final episode, here’s a full breakdown.

Money Heist season 5 part 2 ending explained in detail (Episode 10: A Family Tradition):

An almighty game of poker

Once the professor arrives at the bank, he tells Tamayo that he doesn’t know where the gold really is and that until he can guarantee the safety of his team, he will not divulge any information. Tamayo states that he will question each and every single member of the team and promises to provide a new life to the first person to tell him the truth.

This scenario was part of the plan, with the professor figuring out that if they let the outside world know that the gold has been moved out of the bank, it will throw the financial state of Spain in total chaos and give the gang a very big bargaining chip in their negotiations.

Denver shows some scepticism in this plan, and he’s the first one questioned by Tamayo but he doesn’t share anything. They take him out of the bank for detainment and use his example to convince the rest to change their minds about betraying the plan.

Finding the biggest loot in history

Alicia deliberates with Benjamin on where the gold might be at that moment. They’re certain that they haven’t left the city and that it’s probably buried somewhere. They reach the conclusion that it is most likely a private property that has been recently purchased.

They go to the land records department and, after investigation, eventually reach the plot where the gold is buried but as soon as they cross the gate, they trip a sensor bringing Rafael and Tatiana to the scene. Tatiana does not want to negotiate but Alicia hands a note to Rafael written by the professor and he immediately agrees after taking a look at it.

Years earlier, when Rafael is sitting with Berlin and the professor, he wonders why the professor is planning a heist. The professor shares the story of the time he followed his father to a bank robbery and watched him getting gunned down. Ever since then it has been his way of keeping in touch with his father’s spirit and doing his family legacy justice.

Riding off into the sunset

With the dire situation that the country of Spain finds itself in, Tamayo finally relents and begins negotiations with the professor. The professor says that he will return the gold in exchange for clean records and new identities for all the members of the gang.

Once Tamayo gives in to his demands, a few trucks enter the compound and upon inspection, they’re shown to have the gold in them. This is where the professor reveals one last ace up his sleeve.

The gold bars are actually brass bars with gold plating. He says that as long as they maintain the illusion that the gold is there, Tamayo has nothing to worry about. However, he plans on keeping the real gold because ultimately he’s a thief coming from a family of thieves.

With nowhere left to turn, Tamayo agrees to their conditions. The gang fabricates their deaths with Tamayo announcing it to the media and are transported to a different location where they all receive their new identities. With a military escort, the gang head out for their new lives with enough gold to not rob a bank for eternity. This brings an end to the series.

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