Modern Love season 2 endings explained: All episodes

Modern Love is a co-production of Amazon Studios and the New York Times. It explores love in all of its complicated and beautiful forms and its effects on the human connection. In Season 2 of the web series, each episode brings to life a different story.

In eight half-hour episodes, Modern Love explores “love in its multitude of forms – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and self-love”. The Amazon series adapts various love stories set in New York City, based on the New York Times column with the same name. 

We’ve got you covered if you couldn’t figure out what happened at the end of an episode.

On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down ending explained: (episode 1)

Stephanie (Minnie Driver), a doctor, dodges back and forth on whether to sell or keep her late husband’s car, a Stag. 

The Stag is shown to have carried lots of important and milestone memories for herself and her late husband, Michael, for over forty years, along with their daughter Shannon, which prevents her from selling the car. 

On the other hand, the vintage car seems to take a roll and breaks down constantly, inflicting a financial burden. This prompts Stephanie’s current husband to force her into selling the car.  

Caught in this turmoil, Stephanie decides to sell the car. Before she could hand over the car, she goes for a long drive. 

This reveals that she was able to imagine Michael’s presence with her in the car, and she was able to talk and bring out her feelings to him, all in the car. As they reminisce their long-attached memories with the car, from good to bad, she feels nostalgic about selling the car but ends up doing it anyway.

Once the car is sold, she reveals all about her grief over Michael’s death, which seemed to continue to her current husband. He further makes her understand that love and grief take their time.

He repurchases the Stag, implying that Stephanie keeps the Stag along with its memories, and the scene ends with Stephanie and Shannon jamming to ‘Days Like This’ in the Stag. 

The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy ending explained: (episode 2)

Zoe (Zoe Chao) is a woman who suffers from a Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome that allows her to only sleep during the day and be awake during the night. 

In a diner, she comes across a man, Jordan (Gbenga Akinnagbe), who then asks her out without knowing her background. They start their relationship with all rainbows and sunshine.

As the climax builds up, both of them struggle to make things meet with their polar opposite sleep schedules. 

When Zoe misses her meeting with Jordan’s mother because of sleep, Jordan’s anger builds up, and they take a break attributing it to the opposing sleep schedules.

As they struggle with staying apart from each other, they both realise the other’s value. 

In the end, they move together and adjust to each other’s sleep schedule with balance and compromise but, most importantly, love.

Strangers on a (Dublin) Train ending explained: (episode 3)

Paula (Lucy Boynton) is a medievalist who sets on a train travelling back to Dublin to her mother’s house for a stay of two weeks once news about her college closing for the same span is announced.

On the train, she crosses paths with Michael (Kit Harington), who works in tech, and they both talk throughout the journey, with love eventually blossoming. They decide to keep things old-fashioned and plan to meet in the train station after two weeks.

They both separate ways without exchanging any contact details, plainly waiting for the train station to meet. Rather, fate had other plans for them.

The two-week lockdown gets further extended into three more weeks, making both of them even more anticipated about each other.

In hopes that Paula will come to the station, Michael sets out on his bike to meet her. Meanwhile, convinced by her mother, Paula also sets sail to the station to meet Michael.

They both get simultaneously stopped by stationed police officers, who send them back home because of the two-kilometre complete lockdown within their areas.

As Paula returns home, Michael figures out her street with a memory from the train conversation and plans to search her house.

The scene ends with Michael waiting in his car in search of Paula, waiting for her to step out of her house so that Michael can find her.

A Life Plan for Two, Followed By One ending explained: (episode 4)

Lil (Dominique Fishback), as a young girl, moves from Ohio to Brooklyn and, in school, she meets Vince (Isaac Powell), and she falls in love with him at first sight, but the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

They are shown to remain the best of friends throughout school and high school. Even when Lil has feelings for Vince, she never really opens up to him, and he continues to deem their relationship as best friends; nothing more, nothing less.

During college, Lil and Vince finally confront each other about their mismatched feelings, and Vince denies any romantic feelings toward Lil, and Lil gets heartbroken and storms out.

She then understands her passion, takes up comedy and stand-up to the next level, and starts performing shows.

As Vince comes back after two years, he apologises, and they both make up for the bitter incident. The scene cuts to them deciding to remain best friends.

Am I …? Maybe This Quiz Will Tell Me ending explained: (episode 5)

Katie (Lulu Wilson) is a teenage girl, who is in a quest to explore her sexuality. To figure it out, she takes multiple Buzzfeed quizzes. 

She ends up getting a result that she may not be gay, but asexual. Even though a boy seems to have feelings for Katie, she rather likes Alexa (Grace Edwards) in school.

As the school prepares for a lock-in session, an overnight stay for the students, Katie decides to attend it.

Katie and Alexa have a lot of fun during the lock-in, and they further run into the forbidden second floor of the school during a game. Proceeding, at the moment, Katie and Alexa kiss.

When they come back to the court, their teacher catches and punishes them for entering the second floor. When interrogated, Katie claims that she didn’t even know who Alexa was, and this angers Alexa.

Katie returns home early and tries to figure out her feelings once again, and retakes the quiz and ends up with the same results.

In the morning, she goes to Alexa’s house and confronts her and apologises. According to a quiz, Katie tells Alexa that she was asexual and that kissing her was a mistake. Alexa, rather, convinces her that it was the right thing to do because both of them wanted it.

In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses ending explained: (episode 6)

Spence (Garrett Hedlund), an ex-soldier, realises that his wife, Jeannie, had an illicit affair. Isabelle (Anna Paquin) is the wife of the man with who Jeannie had cheated.

As the matter comes into the light, both the couples separate in their own ways. 

Spence and Isabelle end up meeting in their shared therapist’s waiting room and start to go out.

As Charlie, Isabelle’s son, falls ill, Spence meets Isabelle and her ex-husband in the hospital and assumes they are back together.

He decides to move forward, leaving all of his past behind and agrees to sign the divorce papers with Jeannie.

The climax ends with Spence coming to Charlie’s birthday, where he meets Isabelle and gets to know that they were not back together, and further, Isabelle asks Spence to go out with her.

How Do You Remember Me? ending explained: (episode 7)

Ben (Marquis Rodriguez), a young gay man, notices someone from his past, Robbie (Zane Pais), while walking across the street, and is encountered with a rush of memories from their shared past.

The storyline shows both sides of the story, from Ben and Robbie’s perspectives. 

Their shared past starts with Ben and Robbie being introduced to each other through a common friend, and eventually, they hit it off.

Ben gets repeated calls from his sister, who conveys that their father had a heart attack. 

As Robbie offers to help Ben in the process, Ben cuts him off and asks him to leave, stating that they barely knew each other.

Still, after that night, both Robbie and Ben draft texts to each other, they never end up contacting each other until the encounter on the street.

The climax ends with them reminiscing about their shared past and pass each other with a nostalgic smile and carry on with their separate lives.

A Second Embrace, with Hearts and Eyes Open ending explained: (episode 8)

Elizabeth (Sophie Okonedo), a mother of two girls, is bound to take a second chance with her ex-husband Van (Tobias Menzies).

Their common link being their children; they are bound to meet each other. They get back together by chance and choice, and two months pass. 

Elizabeth gets diagnosed with breast cancer in an advanced stage. Meanwhile, Van plans to propose to her.

As Elizabeth rejects the proposal to find some space ahead of her surgery, Van doesn’t give up and professes his true love for her and helps continually throughout the process.

Eventually, Elizabeth realises Van’s worth and reciprocates the love, leading to both of them getting married again.

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