Miyo’s kidnapping in My Happy Marriage explained

Miyo Saimori’s life has thrown the worst curves her way in the form of her abusive family. The latest in the series of her troubles arrives thanks to her jealous younger sister.

Miyo Saimori was born to the prestigious Saimori family, to parents Shinichi Saimori and Sumi, who came from the very powerful and just as elusive Usuba family.

However, when she showed no signs of having the gift that most others have in her world, Shinichi was free to be prejudiced against her. Soon, her mother would pass away and Shinichi would marry his former lover, Kanoko.

The stepmother would go on to abuse Miyo while also teaching her biological daughter, Kaya, to treat her elder sister the same way. And so would begin Miyo’s life as a servant at her own house.

Even as an adult, she would be sent off as the fianceé to a man with the worst possible reputation. However, when her marriage would surprisingly turn out to be the best thing to happen to her, Kaya would decide to make life worse for her sister.

Tatsuishi’s greed

Minoru Tatsuishi is an old friend of Shinichi Saimori and he always eyed Miyo to be married off to his elder son, Kazushi, and he has always been intent on having her as his daughter-in-law.

The reason for his insistence is the blood that runs through Miyo’s veins. She comes from the Usuba family, which is thought to give birth to people with the wildly powerful gift of dream walking.

While Miyo doesn’t show signs of having that familial gift, Tatsuishi believes that her offspring still has a chance to exhibit the Usuba gift in the future. To have such power would reinstate the Tatsuishi family’s former glory and strengthen the bloodline, bringing prestige in the process.

Kaya’s jealousy

Kaya can’t contain her glee when she stumbles upon Miyo for the first time after the latter gets arranged to marry Kiyoka Kudo.

Seeing Miyo in her old shabby clothes made Kaya assume that her elder sister is living in conditions similar to her former home, gleefully believing that the rumors about Kudo being cruel must be true.

My Happy Marriage Tatsuishi kidnapping
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However, she later learns that the reality is quite the opposite. Minoru shows her the photographs in which it’s evident that Miyo is doing exceptionally well living with the infamous Kiyoka Kudo of all people.

What’s more, is that Kudo is the same man who walked past her when Kaya returned home after running into Miyo earlier on. She at that time was enamored by Kudo’s beauty, which happens again when she sees the photographs.

Meanwhile, she’s been living with Koji as her fiancé, knowing full well that he’s always loved Miyo, and while she takes pleasure in that at first, it becomes extremely detestable for her when she learns that her sister might be happier than her.

The kidnapping

Tatsuishi spies on Kudo and Miyo and seeing them live harmoniously, he acts fast and joins hands with Kaya to get his plan running.

His devious plan entails kidnapping the elder Saimori daughter, and Kaya later bullies her into accepting an exchange of fiancés. Kaya would get to have Kudo, who she’s fallen head over heels for, while Miyo can have Koji, who protests this plan vehemently.

While returning home after delivering Kudo lunch at his workplace, Miyo is kidnapped by Tatsuishi’s men while Yurie can’t help but watch and scream in horror. The maid later informs Kudo about it just as Koji also arrives asking for help.

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