Miyabi and Lorenzo: Drops of God characters explained

In Drops of God, as the first test nears its end, Miyabi and Lorenzo help Camille figure out the right answer. Luca Terracciano plays Lorenzo and Kyoko Takenaka plays Miyabi.

After being trained by Thomas in France, Camille returns to Tokyo for the conclusion of the first test. She has returned with an answer, but she needs to figure out whether it is the right answer or not. 

Luca asks his head sommelier, Miyabi, and his nephew, Lorenzo, to help Camillie find the correct wine from the first test. The two not only help her with that but also become her friends.

Helping Camille

Camille believes that the wine from the first test could be Lignage, Domaine Gigon, 1987. To figure out if this is the right answer or not, she either needs to taste the wine or smell it.

Luca has a bottle of this wine, but it costs 12,000 euros. Luca cannot open it when Camille is not even sure if it is the right wine. It is Miyabi who suggests that they convince a rich businessman, Mr. Matsubara, who is going to come to the restaurant, that day to open the bottle.

Luca asks Miyabi and Lorenzo to teach Camille how to serve wine in order to get her close to the bottle when it is opened by Mr. Matsubara. They teach her the whole process, only to find out that she had mastered it when she was eight.

Drops of God Miyabi and Lorenzo
Miyabi convinces Mr. Matsubara to open Lignage

Miyabi then convinces Mr. Matsubara to open that bottle, but it does not help much as it is not the right wine. Miyabi then comforts a disappointed Camille like a friend and asks her not to be so hard on herself.

After that, Luca opens up his cellar for Camille and lends her Miyabi and Lorenzo, who, along with Thomas, will be helping her look for the right answer before the conclusion of the test. 

When Thomas figures out that Camille smelled truffle’s aroma in the wine she tasted, Miyabi immediately lists down the two key elements that this discovery gives them, which depicts her knowledge and brings them closer to the right answer.

When Thomas and Miyabi are discussing possible answers with Camille, Lorenzo tells her how to differentiate between two particular wines. He thinks they should be focusing on the differences between them, not their similarities.

His method works, as Camille is able to recognize Chateau Cheval Blanc because of what he told her about its maturation process. However, she fails to identify the vintage and loses to Issei.

Miyabi and Lorenzo’s relationship

Miyabi is Luca’s head sommelier, that is, she is the person in charge of the wines and serving them at Luca’s restaurant. Luca tells Camille that Miyabi is from LA and is very talented. 

As she is good at her job, Luca asks her to train Lorenzo, who also wishes to be a sommelier. He has the potential, but he still has a lot to learn. Lorenzo is proud of himself, and, as Luca tells Camille, he gives his parents a hard time.

While Miyabi takes her job seriously, Lorenzo likes to have fun while doing it. His suggestions and playfulness make Miyabi glare at him in annoyance or just cause confusion. Miyabi teaches Camille with a straight face, while Lorenzo tries to lighten the mood.

Drops of God Miyabi and Lorenzo
Lorenzo and Miyabi sing together

When the group finds itself stuck while looking for the right wine, Lorenzo suggests that they take a break and go out for drinks together. There, Lorenzo spontaneously decides to sing in front of everyone at the restaurant.

He sings a love song for Miyabi. She is initially embarrassed, but eventually, it makes her laugh, and she joins him in singing the song.

Lorenzo continues flirting with Miyabi; he declares that he is going to marry her one day. The two even kiss, and it is clear that they like each other.

Lorenzo and Miyabi continue supporting Camille even when Luca sabotages Camille’s chances of winning the competition. Due to this, Camille eventually decides to make them the editors of the Léger Guide.

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