Mirzapur season 3 summary and ending explained

In Mirzapur season 3, the fight for the throne of Mirzapur between Guddu and the rest of Purvanchal takes center stage. The season is streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Guddu’s position on the throne of Mirzapur is tenuous and Golu asks him not to act impulsively.

Sharad sees this moment as his opportunity and begins garnering support from the other bosses.

He also has doctors treating Kaleen Bhaiya and trying to keep him alive. Only Sharad the Tyagis know where he is being kept.

Madhuri wants to get back at Guddu for killing Munna and orders a strike team to take him out. The older cabinet members aren’t happy with her rule and constantly undermine her.

Ramakant surrenders to the police for killing Maurya and claims that he needs to be punished for his crimes.

The prosecution wants him to face the death penalty but Ramakant’s family beg him to fight the case to stay alive.

Guddu survives the attack on himself and the failure weakens Madhuri’s position in public. Sharad approaches Madhuri about an alliance since they have a common enemy.

Shatrugan Tyagi lives as his brother Bharat, but maintaining the facade is sometimes difficult for him.

Kaleen Bhaiya finally regains consciousness and Shatrugan sets a trap for Golu and captures her but doesn’t tell anyone.

Golu’s disappearance lights a fire in Guddu and he incites open violence against Sharad and the other bosses.

Sharad tries to make a deal with Lala earlier, but Shabnam convinces her father to stick with Guddu.

Ramakant spends his time helping other prisoners file appeals for mercy instead of fighting his case.

Madhuri wants to use Ramakant’s fate as a pawn against Guddu and has IG Dubey lie on the stand.

Shatrugan tortures Golu but he does not have the courage to kill her. She figures out which brother he is and starts playing mind games with him.

Kaleen Bhaiya is nursed back to health and he gives Sharad advice from behind the curtain. A cabinet minister named Solankhi is Madhuri’s most vocal critic and openly defies her.

She transfers several officers without his consent even though it is under his ministry and then dismisses him.

The opposition party works with J.P. Yadav to unseat Madhuri so she sends Zarina to find him.

Yadav is hiding in Varanasi and he seeks Zarina out to offer her a chance to turn on Madhuri.

Munnawar is ensuring there is peace between Sharad and Guddu but he is talking to an unknown player about taking over themselves.

A young poet named Rahim is taken to prison for a minor offence and Ramakant takes him under his wing.

However, Rahim kills Lala publicly because he got an offer from Sharad that would take care of his family.

Saloni follows Shatrugan and discovers where he is hiding Golu. With his lie caught, he traps Saloni in there too, and scrambles to figure out a plan.

He burns someone else’s body and dumps it near Mirzapur so that people think Golu is dead. This pushes Guddu right over the edge and Madhuri and Sharad spot their chance.

They use Ramakant’s verdict to get Guddu to react irrationally, but before it can be read out, Robin speaks out claiming that he has the evidence which would help the case.

Guddu goes back home where his family is happy that the verdict has been delayed but he is angry that his family has pushed him away.

He kills Robin and is left in shock. He surrenders himself to the police and Madhuri aims to figure out what to do with him.

Golu escapes after slitting Saloni’s wrist and leaving her with Shatrugan. Ramakant tells Dimpy where he has kept the evidence she needs to help his case.

Ending explained:

Turning the tables

The opposition party is working with J.P. Yadav to get Madhuri out of the way and they expect Zarina to betray her.

However, Madhuri gets some help from Sharad and pours water on the opposition’s plans. Zarina remains loyal to Madhuri and J.P. Yadav is left with nothing.

Golu sets a meeting with him and tells him that he cannot give up so easily because she has a plan on how to get back at them.

She joins forces with Solankhi who also has a grudge against Madhuri they plot to take her down.

Actions of the past

Dimpy finds the evidence that her father hid and it proves that Sharad was responsible for Madhuri’s father’s death.

She hands this to Madhuri in the hope that she will do the right thing and bring justice to the criminals.

Madhuri sits with Sharad and gives him a chance to come clean but he reveals that Kaleen Bhaiya is alive instead.

She asks for a meeting with Kaleen Bhaiya where she tells him that for the sake of his family, he needs to follow her orders.

A new era

Kaleen Bhaiya tells Sharad to call a meeting of all the bosses where he can confirm Sharad’s position as the king of Mirzapur.

The meeting is called and Munnawar says that Purvanchal will act under the West’s orders. Kaleen Bhaiya walks in at that point and announces that Sharad will take his place.

Then he says that it’s disappointing that Sharad will be the last king to take the throne as police storm the place and kill all of the bosses.

Kaleen Bhaiya is the last remaining boss and he gets control over everything thanks to Madhuri who wants to get a handle on the crime.

Madhuri hands Beena over to Kaleen Bhaiya, but when he visits the prison to face Guddu, he finds that someone else has taken his place.

Guddu escapes and finds Golu waiting for him. They are relieved to be together again and share a kiss.

Radhiya meets a new person at a quarry and tells him that Beena has asked for his assistance back in Purvanchal.

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