Minnal Murali summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Minnal Murali, a Malayalam language film gifts Indians an admirable superhero who smoothly carves his way into everyone’s hearts. The action-packed comedy film is set in a remote village named Kurukkanmoola and follows an ambitious tailor manifesting superpowers after being struck by a lightning.


The story kicks off with several villagers assembling together to watch a popular play by Martin Rangakala. Martin performs as the superhero, Minnal Murali who unexpectedly appears and saves people in distress. A small boy is shown completely engrossed in the play sitting within the crowd. The boy gets injured after massive fire breaks out in the venue.

The scene progresses to the present day where we meet Jaison (Tovino Thomas), an ambitious tailor who sees no hope for him in the remote village of Kurukkanmoola. He plans to settle in America and become rich.

Jaison is also head over heels for his girlfriend, Bincy (Sneha Babu), who is the daughter of the sub-inspector, Saajan (Baiju Santhosh). Saajan deeply objects to their relationship and informs Jaison about Bincy’s engagement.

On Christmas Eve, a warning related to excessive thunderstorms is issued within the region due to a rare celestial phenomenon. Jaison plans to disguise as Santa Claus and joins in the procession to visit Bincy’s house.

Jaison loses his temper upon seeing Bincy with her fiance, Aneesh (Jude Anthany Joseph). Saajan threatens him with a gun for creating a ruckus when a loud thunderbolt strikes Jaison and he becomes unconscious.

Chaos emerges with the villagers taking him to the nearby hospital where he regains consciousness in a short while. The whole set of devices short-circuits with a slight touch with his body while the doctor tests for any internal defects.

Meanwhile, the same lightning bolt strikes another man, Shibu (Guru Somasundaram), who was pleasantly watching his childhood love Usha (Shelly Kishore) from afar.

Shibu, an outcast works at a tea shop. His heart is filled with hope when he hears Usha is back in town after a failed marriage. After the lightning strike, he falls unconscious in his boat in the middle of the lake with no one to attend.

If you’re wondering how this lightning strike changes the lives these two men, we’ve got a detailed explanation for you.

Minnal Murali Ending explained in detail:

Mastering new skills

Both Jaison and Shibu start experiencing weird symptoms like shivers, increased hearing and blue blood in vomit. While Shibu is quick to understand the advancements, Jaison feels restless.

Jaison’s nephew, Josemon (Vasisht Umesh), a huge superhero enthusiast keenly observes his uncle and ensures him that he has gained supernatural powers. He helps Jaison enrich his knowledge in superheroes like Batman and Spiderman and explains how they rescue numerous people in distress.

Jaison trains himself on his newly acquired skills when he receives a letter depicting the rejection of his passport. He consults with the karate teacher and travel agent, Bruce Lee (Femina George) who is assisting him for his passport to get approved. Aneesh left Bruce Lee a.k.a Biji to marry Bincy which leads to Jaison and Biji having common foes.

Jaison finds out sub-inspector Saajan’s interference in the disapproval and requests him to forget his past grudges. Saajan counters Jaison by revealing to him that Jaison’ father is Markel (also played by Tovino Thomas), a theatre actor and not Varkey (P. Balachandran).

Jaison becomes deeply emotional and Varkey tells him about the fire accident where he rescued an injured Jaison while Markel died. Varkey speaks about Markel in admiration as a man who accepted death while saving several lives.

Jaison feels proud and goes through his father’s items preserved by Varkey and finds the script of Minnal Murali which helps him recount several instances of his childhood spent with his father.

Jaison devises a plan to take down Saajan who assaulted Varkey. He manages to successfully beat the whole gang of policemen while staying masked and claims himself to be Minnal Murali.

Meanwhile, Shibu keeps mastering his skills away from people’s eyes and even saves Usha from her harasser. Shibu is in dire need of money to save Usha’s daughter who urgently requires vital surgery so he hatches a plan to rob the bank.

Minnal Murali — good or evil?

Both of their plans are executed successfully. People are surprised at the exceptional skills and are sure that Minnal Murali is responsible for both so he becomes a wanted criminal.

While Jaison is worried as he isn’t the one who robbed the bank, Shibu is delighted to find a hideout in Minnal Murali.

Jaison’ brother-in-law, constable Pothan (Aju Varghese) already suspects Jaison to be Minnal Murali because of a first-hand experience and he keeps collecting shreds of evidence to confirm but Jaison spoils his plan.

Shibu rushes to the hospital after the robbery to pay the hospital bills when he spots Usha’s brother, Daasan (Harisree Ashokan) and learns that the bill has already been paid.

Daasan works as a tailor in Varkey’s shop. Jaison finds the money saved for his abroad expenses missing. He finds Daasan guilty and rebukes him in front of everyone.

Daasan is visited by Shibu who offers him the stolen money and asks him to pay Jaison. In return, he asks for Usha’s hand in marriage.

Daasan refuses both his money and the proposal. This enrages Shibu and he kills Daasan by trapping him in Varkey’s shop and setting it ablaze. He puts the whole blame on Minnal Murali.

Shibu keeps using Murali’s name to kill everyone who pose a threat to his relationship with Usha. Jaison, unwilling to let his reputation get tarnished acquires the CCTV footage from Aneesh’s shop that looked over his own.

While the footage is being reviewed in the police station, Shibu appears as a masked man and beats up all to steal it.

Jaison chases after Shibu but fails to get his hands on the drive. Shibu outsmarts him and destroys it. Jason saves a bus from falling from the cliff earning Murali a good name.

Shibu and Jaison both recognise each other’s superpowers and Shibu asserts that he just plans to be with Usha. Police finally tries to arrest Shibu as Usha’s harasser tells on him but he escapes.

The final face-off

Pothan brings in evidence against Jaison and the latter is held behind bars. Shibu escapes and takes refuge in his home. Usha arrives at Shibu’s place and knows about his love for her. Shibu is overjoyed but a mob awaits him outside his house.

He comes out ready for their attack but he fails to notice that his house is on fire. It immediately explodes due to the number of fireworks stored in it and he fails to save Usha and her daughter.

Shibu escapes and plots revenge. Shibu’s father informs the police about this behaviour, but, before the police can do anything, they witness a series of blasts occurring at numerous places in the village fair.

He traps people inside the venue and plans to kill them. Saajan rushes to the police station and releases Jaison. The duo engages in a tremendous fight using other-worldly powers and Shibu is finally killed.

Bruce Lee finds the basement of the church completely stacked with explosives to burn them all. She puts out the fire leading to them.

Minnal Murali emerges as a superhero and finally receives the recognition he deserves. He stays back at his hometown to deal with more evil powers in the future.

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