The mind control methods in They Cloned Tyrone explained

The governmental agency employs different techniques of mind control to keep the population of the Glen in check which are tested out underground.

There are various ways that the people of the Glen are kept under control and Fontaine, Yo-Yo, and Slick Charles gradually figure out what they are.

Got Damn! Fried Chicken

When they first stumble onto the underground lab, Charles finds some white powder on the table and decides to try it out, assuming it’s drugs. He ends up having fits of laughter beyond his control from the little that he took.

The mind control methods in They Cloned Tyrone explained 1
Everyone has fun at Got Damn! Fried Chicken

After spending the night at Yo-Yo’s grandmother’s place, he tells Fontaine and Yo-Yo that they need to get some food inside them so that they can look at things with a clear mind.

After eating some pieces of chicken, all of them slowly burst out laughing much like everyone else in there and Charles realizes that the cause behind it is the same thing he found in the lab.

Yo-Yo later confirms its effects after sneaking her way into the manager’s office.


The trio follows a delivery van to Ree Ree’s Hair Salon and finds them restocking the shelves with this cream. They notice how one of the patrons is complaining about her problems while a hairdresser is applying the cream on her head.

The mind control methods in They Cloned Tyrone explained 2
The cream makes people forget about their problems

Suddenly, the patron becomes more agreeable and chooses to brush off the issues that she’s going through. When Yo-Yo is captured later on, one of the scientists applies the cream on her head and Yo-Yo goes unconscious.

She actually pretends to pass out so that she can escape as was wearing a wig, negating the effects of the cream.

The communion grape drink

The final stop in the delivery van’s route is ‘The Greatest Mt. Zion Church of the Holy Ghost’ where the trio attends a suspiciously charged sermon.

The mind control methods in They Cloned Tyrone explained 3
The drink makes the congregation more susceptible to the sermon

Charles found boxes of the communion grape drink in the back of the van, which tells them that it also has mind control properties, which explains the congregation’s behavior.

Subliminal music

One of the most effective methods of mind control used in the Glen is the music that the people listen to on the radio and as ‘The White Horse’ club by DJ Strangelove.

The first instance is while riding out to look for the van that drove off after Fontaine was shot. A song comes on by Ruckus called “So Tired”, which immediately makes them feel drowsy.

The mind control methods in They Cloned Tyrone explained 4
The scientists exert mind control through music

While exploring the facility, they see two scientists observing two men fighting while a metal song is playing but as soon as they switch it to a softer song called “I Need a Hug”.

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