Milva: The Witcher character explained

Milva is an archer living amongst the dryads, who helps Geralt with his recovery through some tough love. The character is played by Meng’er Zhang.

When Geralt is taken to Brokilon to be healed, Milva is the one who takes a look at him and tells everyone that he is dying. When Jaskier shows up to meet Geralt, she is once again the person who takes him in and gives him an update on his condition.

She has a similar personality as Geralt’s and they clash often even though she is trying to help him recover. She does not have the patience for his stubbornness but the head of the dryads tells Milva that she must keep Geralt alive to pay her own debt to the tribe.

Joint quest for revenge

As soon as Geralt can stand, he begins training to fight but Milva keeps reminding him that he needs more time to recover before he can fight again.

She joins in on his sessions and proves that he is not at full strength and must not leave yet. Geralt says that just because she is afraid to leave, doesn’t mean he should be.

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She tells him that she is actually afraid of her own actions, of what she might do to the people who hurt her when she was younger. He tells her that it is a feeling he can relate to.

Milva: The Witcher character explained 1
She joins Geralt on his journey to find Ciri

Geralt and Jaskier leave the camp and head toward Nilfgaard, and Milva follows them to aid in their quest and make sure they have all the help that they need.

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