Miles Valence: Rabbit Hole character explained

In Rabbit Hole, doing a job for Miles Valence comes at a big cost for Weir, as he later loses his entire team in an explosion and gets framed for murder after finishing it.

Miles Valence is the CEO of the company, Arda Analytics. The core technology of Arda Analytics gathers data and metadata from any project or platform to help its clients.

It is revealed that Valence once worked with Weir and aided him in his corporate espionage missions when he tells a funny story about one of their missions to his colleagues when Weir comes to meet him.

It’s been a while since they last met. Since then, they have chosen different paths, and Valence is thriving at Arda Analytics even without Weir.

Valence offers Weir a job

Valence says that government contracts and ad agencies pay a lot more than what they used to get paid when they worked together.

Valence brags about a case Arda Analytics worked on and how much the NYPD is paying them for it. He understands that Weir doesn’t work for money, but he still gives him a tour of their office.

Miles Valence: Rabbit Hole character explained 1
Valence offers Weir a place at Arda Analytics

Valence believes that data drives everything and that it is the biggest commodity out there in private intelligence. Big players in every industry are drowning in data and that’s where Valence’s company comes in.

Valence likes to think that Weir should be working with them here, but Weir reminds him that he likes to stay in his little pond.

Valence’s job

The reason Valence invited Weir to his office is for a job, which is not something Weir hasn’t done before. On top of that, there is extra money involved.

A company named Luxbrant is being investigated by the Treasury Department for using child labor, and they have claimed that their rival, the Banomar Group, has engineered these rumors, which is not true.

Valence’s job is pretty simple. Weir’s team needs to show that Luxbrant is not lying, and in order to do that, they need the CEO of the Banomar Group, Dana Heinrich, and Edward Homm, the Treasury Department investigator, to be seen together.

Weir’s team completed the job smoothly, and he submitted the pictures Valence needed.

Valence’s death

After accomplishing the job, news channels start reporting that Weir has murdered Edward Homm, the Treasury Department investigator. If that isn’t enough, Weir’s entire office gets destroyed in an explosion, killing every member of his team except for the new intern.

Weir later confronts Valence, believing that he has turned on him. It’s clear that Valence is afraid of someone who is watching him. He asks for a minute to answer a call.

Weir glances at Valence’s laptop and sees the message “DO IT. NOW” on it. He turns to Valence, who finishes his call and lets himself fall from the balcony of his building.

Miles Valence: Rabbit Hole character explained 2
Valence willingly jumps off his balcony

Weir gets framed for two murders in a row. He proceeds to confront Valence’s associate, Xander. It is then revealed that Valence had also tasked Weir to kill Homm and keep this a secret from his team.

Even Xander is afraid that someone will find out if he spills the truth in front of Weir. Xander doesn’t give anything away but allows Weir to know that he can access Valence’s communications data using Valence’s authenticator.

Weir doesn’t know who is targeting him or why Valence committed suicide voluntarily for this unknown person. The only advantage Weir has over this person at the moment is that he hasn’t killed Homm yet, and he has also managed to retrieve Valence’s authenticator from the local police department.

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