Mikey’s death in Tokyo Revengers season 2 explained

In the second season of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi returns to the future, only to find out that all his friends have been killed except Mikey, who then dies in his arms. Mikey is voiced by Yū Hayashi.

Once Takemichi stops Hakkai from killing Taiju and Mikey expels Kisaki from Toman, Takemichi believes that he has fulfilled his mission of preventing Mikey’s corruption and returns to the future. Before leaving, he tells Mikey that he can build a new era on his own.

When he returns to the future, he finds himself at Mitsuya’s funeral. He soon discovers that even in this timeline, Hinata dies in a car crash, which means something went wrong.

Takemichi is confused and shocked when Naoto tells him that all the major members of Toman have been killed, and the person suspected of these murders is none other than Mikey.

The murder of Toman members

All of Takemichi’s friends were killed in different ways. Chifuyu was shot, Hakkai was burned to death, Mitsuya was strangled, and Draken was stabbed. Apart from them, Kazutora, Haruki, and even Kisaki were killed.

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Takemichi is the only one who is still alive, and he refuses to believe that Mikey could have killed all their friends. Naoto wants to find out the truth, and he thinks Takemichi is the only person who can talk to Mikey.

He is not wrong, as Mikey had sent a letter to Takemichi with the last photograph that Takemichi took with his friends before returning to the future. Mikey wants Takemichi to visit him at the place Mikey told him about in the past on January 20th.

The letter has been sent from the Philippines, and Takemichi, along with Naoto, goes to the address that was on the envelope; it is the junkyard where Mikey’s brother found the two engines that were used in Takemichi and Mikey’s bikes.

Takemichi finds Mikey there and starts crying immediately. This is the first time he is meeting Mikey as an adult. When Mikey recounts their past, Takemichi thinks that Mikey has not changed at all; he is still the person Takemichi knew.

Tokyo Revengers Mikey
Takemichi meets Mikey as an adult for the first time

Did Mikey kill his friends?

While talking to Mikey, Takemichi learns that he left Toman when Mikey chose the path of violence. Mikey killed a person for the first time and felt nothing, which made him think that he could just kill people to solve all his problems easily.

Mitsuya and Draken asked Mikey to let Takemichi go, as Takemichi is not cut out for this Toman. They swore to follow Mikey and dedicated their lives to him. Mikey agreed, but he wanted Takemichi to be with him and scold him like his brother used to do.

Eventually, even though Mikey did his best on his own, he still ended up losing himself, and Toman changed. Mikey then killed all his friends, who were the members of Toman. He now wants Takemichi to kill him and put an end to this and to his dream of building a new era for hoodlums.

How does Mikey die?

Mikey gives Takemichi a gun to kill him, but Takemichi refuses to even touch it. Instead, he tries to convince Mikey that he is still the same person and asks him to stop this killing. An angry Mikey straddles Takemichi on the ground and points his gun at him.

Tokyo Revengers Mikey
Mikey threatens Takemichi

Takemichi still does not pick up the gun to defend himself and continues crying. Even Mikey starts crying, but he still asks Takemichi to kill him or get killed. Just when it seems like Mikey is going to shoot Takemichi, Naoto shoots him from behind.

As it turns out, Mikey never intended to kill Takemichi because the gun’s safety was still on; he was trying to scare Takemichi into taking his life. Before dying, Mikey thanks Naoto for killing him because it did not look like Takemichi could do it.

Mikey is relieved that his life is coming to an end, as it has been full of suffering. Takemichi promises him that he will do anything to change his future.

Mikey dies in his arms, stating that Takemichi’s blood-stained hand is warm, which points to the fact that Mikey had possibly been craving human emotions to keep the darkness inside him at bay.

However, this will probably not be the end of Mikey, as Takemichi can still go back in the past to alter this reality. He certainly looks determined to do just that.

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