Midnight Mass summary and ending explained

Midnight Mass is an American supernatural horror miniseries that centres around an isolated island community that experiences supernatural events after the arrival of a mysterious priest. It was released on September 24, 2021, on Netflix.



Created and directed by Mike Flanagan, the plot centres around the return of Riley Flynn to Crockett Island to live with his family after serving his sentence in jail.

Alongside Flynn, a new priest replaces their old Monsignor Pruitt, bringing miracles and new life to the dying island.

The tired-out people of the cash-straddled island find their beliefs renewed when miracles occur at the church. However, with it looms an unknown danger as strange occurrences keep the people of the island tensed.

Who is the devil in town?

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Midnight Mass ending explained in detail:

Truth about Father Paul Hill

After the old priest, Monsignor Pruitt of Crockett Island disappears, a new priest, Father Paul Hill, takes his place at the island church. Initially, he is met with surprise, but it is soon turned into adoration by the people.

As the plot thickens, it is revealed that the old priest was never replaced. On the other, he just returned as his young self after a startling miracle in Jerusalem.

As the story goes, Pruitt, who was ageing and suffering from dementia, separates from his fellow priests and finds himself lost in a sand storm.

There, he discovers an old structure that had unveiled itself from the sand storm. As he enters it, a creature attacks him and drains him of his blood.

However, hearing the priest mumble the Lord’s prayer, the angel-like creature makes him drink its blood, after which he is resurrected and given a new life. On top of that, Pruitt finds himself back to his old, young self – his face and health completely restored.

He takes the angel back with him to the island to bless the people there.

What happened to Riley Flynn

After a horrid, drunk car accident where he killed a young girl, Riley Flynn is sentenced to four years in prison.

Once a devout Christian, he finds himself an atheist questioning every miracle with a rational mind. When he returns to his home island, the emerging miracles poke at his curiosity.

One day, when the new priest lies to him about another dweller in town, he suddenly visits the priest to discover the strange creature pouring its blood on a cup.

The creature attacks him and drains him of his blood. However, he is soon resurrected. However, with it came ugly perks – just like Father Pruitt, he can no longer go out in the sun, or it will burn him, and he has a dark, insatiable hunger for human blood.

After a lot of coaxing by the priest about his new life, he leaves to visit his old-time love, Erin, and takes her out to the sea on a boat. There, he reveals the truth about him and proclaims his love to her.

Before Erin could do anything about the new happenings, the sun comes up and burns Riley’s body to dust, just as he wanted.

Midnight Easter Vigil

The plot builds up to the midnight mass of the Easter Vigil, and it finally takes place. By now, the town’s doctor and her mother, Mildred, and Erin are well aware of the happenings.

They try to leave the island on a boat to bring help to the people but find out the escape route is closed by the mayor, who is at par with the priest’s doing. Soon, the island’s electricity supply is cut off, and so are the phone signals.

The island’s people gather at the church where the revelation occurs. Father Pruitt reveals his secrets to the people, and the Angel also enters the church.

With the help of his followers, the people are given a cup of poison with the promise that they will be resurrected since Angel’s blood is already running in their veins.

Most people drink the poison and wait for the miracle to occur, and it soon does; however, with it comes the insatiable hunger. The transformed ones start feasting on the one who is slow to the resurrection process, and chaos ensues.

The three women, along with the sheriff, fight back and burn all the town’s structures as the sun is about to come up. The transformed people are exposed to the rising sun and meet their end.

On the other side, the Angel tries to fly away but is slowed down by a bullet hole shot by Erin as her last attempt to make some changes. The sun burns its wings.

The town is burned down; the miracles are over – the only ones remaining are two teenagers standing as a hope for a new day to come.

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