Michaela & Jared’s breakup in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained

In Manifest season 4 part 2, Michaela reconnects with Jared, and they reform their relationship. It is only later that Michaela realizes that they shouldn’t end up together.

Losing Zeke sees Michaela go into depression and feel tired the whole time. It’s when Director Zimmer gives her a chance to investigate a few Callings that she feels alive again.

Michaela works with Jared, with whom she once had a relationship. Working together after so long brings back a lot of memories for them, and the two eventually reconnect.

Jared sees this as their chance to be together—the one that Flight 828 took away from them when it disappeared. The fact that Jared was always sure about her makes Michaela give their relationship a second go.

Drea also lets Jared go, considering that they have not been together for a while. Things change when Drea shows up with a baby bump months later, in the seventeenth episode of Manifest season 4.

Michaela and Jared want different things

It is revealed that Jared is the biological father of Drea’s baby. Drea is fine if Jared doesn’t want to be an actual parent. Jared says that it is what he has always wanted.

Drea and Jared reconnect like never before with their daughter, Hope, soon coming into their lives. Michaela starts noticing how good they are together.

During their time on Storm King Mountain, Michaela confesses to Jared that when he first proposed to her, she got on the second flight to stall her decision. Michaela addresses the fact that they both envision different futures for themselves, and Jared knows it too.

Michaela & Jared’s breakup in Manifest season 4 part 2 explained 1
Michaela hands Jared his ring back

Jared is ready to compromise, but Michaela doesn’t want him to do that, especially when everything he wants is with Drea, and she is right there with him. She knows he doesn’t love her any less, but he deserves the happiness that Drea and their baby will give him.

When Michaela and the 828ers are given a second chance to live their lives, they are transported back to 2013. Michaela meets Jared at the airport. He is waiting for her answer. Michaela tells her what she said before and gives him his ring back.

Michaela assures him that he will find someone who wants everything that he wants. Jared does find Drea at the airport, while Michaela reunites with Zeke.

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