Merve’s death in Kubra explained

Merve begins to doubt Gokhan’s intentions and gets into trouble when she questions him.

After Gokhan announces himself as Semavi and causes chaos in public with the ATMs, he and his followers withdraw to the sewer systems.

Merve didn’t know his plan and got worried so she confronted him when he returned. As time passes, she feels him drift away and says he has changed.

She wishes he would share his thoughts and plans with her like he used to but he asks her to trust him.

Merve’s doubts are further intensified after Gokhan has her father imprisoned for speaking out against him and trying to leave.

A huge betrayal

She decides to follow him one night and sees him meet with Berk. Merve is worried about Gokhan and his followers so she takes a drastic measure.

She reaches out to Kara and offers information and in exchange, he will only arrest her and Gokhan while ensuring Gokhan gets a short sentence.

He says he will do what he can and then hands her a tracker so that he can find out where their base is.

She tries to gather more information and asks him what his meetings are about. He gives in and tells her that Kubra is an A.I. created by a software company.

Merve tells Gulcan the truth and she leaves soon after. Kara begins keeping an eye on Gokhan and when he plans to meet Berk, Merve tells Kara the location.

Kubra tells Berk about the danger and he meets Gokhan and Merve midway where she confesses that she’s been feeding information to the detective.

When his followers are chased out of the sewers, they want to know who betrayed them but Gokhan doesn’t reveal that it was his wife.

When they eventually find out, he makes the hard choice to eliminate her and avoid a rebellion.

Berk feeds it into Gokhan’s head that she needs to be punished, and he feels disillusioned because his mother died and his sister left.

He takes her out to the lake where they spent time together in the past and gets her a fruit juice like before.

The fruit juice is poisoned and Merve dies soon after drinking it. Gokhan takes her back to their base and buries her in front of everyone to send a message.

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