Mercedes: Sky High: The Series character explained

Sole chooses to work with Mercedes, even though her father warns her that she is not trustworthy, only to later realize that her father was right all along. In Sky High: The Series, Patricia Vico plays Mercedes.

In the film, Mercedes was just a minor character, but in the sequel, her character plays a very important role. Despite Rogelio’s warnings, Sole refuses to change her mind about working with Mercedes, who is a capable lawyer.

She faithfully assists Sole in the beginning but eventually throws her under the bus, proving Rogelio right. Furthermore, Mercedes’ oldest secret is also revealed, which causes problems in her personal life.

Sole and Mercedes’ work

Since the time Ángel died, things have not been so good for Sole. She now needs to handle the business and take charge of the gang. She hires Mercedes to help her do the same.

Mercedes, as a woman, understands Sole’s desire to be independent and agrees to work with her. Mercedes suggests that to get great returns, Sole should invest in a port in Africa, which can be done using illegitimate funds.

Sole is struggling financially, but Mercedes tells her not to pay her rent just yet and assures her that no one will shut down her store because of that. Mercedes even helps her get the money for the bonds that Sole’s gang stole.

Sole begins trusting her and confesses that she needs to get away from her father, as he is too dangerous. Since the two women know Rogelio well, they agree that it would be better for Sole to conduct her business away from Rogelio.

Mercedes helps Poli as much as she can when he escapes from prison, but she also pushes Sole to steal the vase in Paris, even when Sole’s gang tells her that the job is dangerous and impossible.

Mercedes seems dependable and, at times, gives helpful advice to Sole; she advises her to move on, as vengeance is too expensive. However, Sole soon finds out that Mercedes is somewhat responsible for her painful past.

Sky High The Series Mercedes
Sole listens to Mercedes’ recorded phone call

Rogelio makes Sole listen to a recording of Mercedes’ phone call. Mercedes knew that her phone was being tapped by the police, yet she talked about Ángel’s plan to rob the Chinese because she wanted to get back at him for using her.

Sole finally realizes that Rogelio was right, but she does not confront Mercedes about it because she still needs her help. Instead, she tells Rosa, Estrella’s cousin, about Mercedes’ involvement in Estrella’s death.

Mercedes and Rogelio’s history

Mercedes used to be Rogelio’s lawyer when he had just started out, but he fired her because he realized that she is not trustworthy. Rogelio keeps warning Sole about her, but she does not listen.

With no other choice left, Rogelio meets Mercedes to convince her to stay away from Sole. He thinks that Mercedes is working with Sole to get back at him for ignoring her, but she denies that.

Rogelio gives her a job offer. He wants her to drop Sole as a client and take an Albanian friend of his instead. The man has a lot of money and wants to invest in Spain. Although she will make a lot of money if she takes the job, she still refuses.

Rogelio tells her that he was trying to give her a chance to get out of this alive for old times’ sake. It is later revealed that Rogelio had an affair with her. She knew that he was married, but she still fell in love with him.

She got pregnant with his child, but she never told him about her pregnancy because she was scared that he might force her to abort the child. She gave birth to their daughter, Marta, but Rogelio does not know about her. She still has a problem trusting people because of Rogelio.

Mercedes’ relationship with Marta

Mercedes and Marta are more like friends than a mother and a daughter. Marta tells her everything about her life and believes that her mother never lies to her. However, Mercedes never told her the truth about her father; Marta thinks that her father is a hippie who lives in Thailand.

Mercedes also does not approve of Marta’s relationship with Rosa. She is suspicious of Rosa from the beginning, and it only grows when she sees her delivering something close to her.

She asks Marta to stop seeing Rosa. She forbids her from contacting Rosa without giving her an adequate reason for it, so Marta continues meeting Rosa without Mercedes’ knowledge.

Eventually, with Rosa’s help, Marta figures out that Rogelio is her father. She realizes that her mother has been feeding her lies all her life and leaves her to live with Rosa. Mercedes wants Marta to promise her that she will stay away from Rogelio, but Marta makes no such promise.

Sky High The Series Mercedes
Mercedes watches Marta leave with Rosa

Mercedes gets a chance to talk to Marta again when she is in Lagos. This time, she tells her the whole truth and apologizes to her for lying. Marta is not sure if they can fix their relationship and tells her that she needs time to think about it.

Why does Mercedes betray Sole?

Rosa knows that Mercedes bribes judicial officers, as she had earlier followed her. Rosa even found the safe where Mercedes keeps the proof of these dealings in the form of thumb drives.

According to Sole and Rosa’s plan, Sole’s gang breaks into her house and leaves the thumb drives out for the police to find. Mercedes threatens Gitano, who gets arrested, to find out who is plotting against her, but he refuses to tell her the truth.

While Mercedes is confident that she will not let the evidence, which proves that she has been bribing public officials, be admitted in court, she is still aware that she will be disbarred, as Duque points out.

Sky High The Series Mercedes
Mercedes makes a deal with Duque

To protect herself, Mercedes makes a deal with Duque; she will get him proof that will allow him to charge Sole if he forgets about the thumb drives. Duque wants evidence against Rogelio, but Mercedes tells him that he should be targeting Sole because she is the future.

Does Sole save Mercedes?

Mercedes tells Sole that she should include Rogelio in the port investment. Sole gets convinced to do that, but when she finds out that Mercedes is planning to trap them, she keeps her father out of it.

Sole plans to get rid of Mercedes in Lagos, but Rogelio does not want his daughter to kill her. Sole tells Mateo about Mercedes’ deal with the police to let him take care of her.

Sole also talks to Mercedes about Marta, but Mercedes wants Sole and Rogelio to stay away from her. Since she does not wish for Marta to know that her half-sister killed her mother, Sole warns Mercedes that the Colombians are going to kill her.

Mercedes runs away and contacts Duque, who tells her to wait for the police to pick her up from the hotel. Mercedes is chased by the Colombians and has no other choice but to beg Sole for help.

Sole hesitates a little but eventually decides to help her. Sole saves her life and then allows her to leave Lagos with her. This decision might earn Sole Mercedes’ loyalty, and the two might finally stop betraying each other for Marta’s sake.

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