Mazey Day: Black Mirror season 6 character explained

Mazey Day is a young actress in the eponymous episode of Black Mirror season 6 who finds herself the center of attention after some rough days. The character is played by Clara Rugaard.

Mazey Day is an actress in the early 2000s who was a former child star and is now rising in popularity evidenced by her picture gracing the cover of magazines.

She is shooting a film in the Czech Republic and at the end of one particular day, one of the crew members leaves a bag of psychedelic mushrooms in her jacket for her to relax if she needs to.

She’s practicing her lines at home when she decides to take a break and do some of the mushrooms. She goes deep into the trip and even breaks a glass before realizing that she’s out of cigarettes.

She takes her car keys and goes out for a drive even though it is raining incessantly outside.

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A life-changing encounter

Mazey goes through the roads of a foreign country in an intoxicated state not entirely aware of her surroundings when suddenly she hits something that rushed in front of her car.

She looks into the rearview mirror and sees a body so she begins to panic. Mazey is then seen back at home clearing up any signs of the night she just had.

The next morning, they run into a police roadblock on their way to set and the driver tells Mazey that the police found a body. Weeks go by and the news reports that Mazey has been sent back home after showing up to set and behaving quite erratically.

The paparazzi circles are dying to get a photo of her and there is a huge bounty placed on that first capture of her to confirm her condition. Mazey is holed up in the house of a producer friend that Bo eventually finds.

A doctor visits Mazey after one particularly tough night and tells her that he knows a private place where she can work on getting through the night before finding a more long-term solution to her condition.

With the location being a wellness resort and Mazey being an actress, Bo, and the other paps assume that she’s got some kind of drug addiction.

Mazey Day: Black Mirror season 6 character explained 1
Mazey Day is not in the best of shape at the retreat

When they investigate the room that she’s in, they find Mazey lying in bed in a sickly state and with a collar that is chained to the floor. She begs them to leave but Bo frees her from the chain and that’s when the sky reveals a full moon and Mazey begins to change.

Her mind goes back to the night she hit someone, which turned out to be a werewolf that bit her when she went to check on it. She turns into a werewolf and goes on a rampage killing anything that comes in her way.

She eventually meets her end in the diner after Bo shoots her once, causing her to change back. She asks Bo to put her out of her misery but Bo hands Mazey the gun so that she can do it herself.

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