Maya Castillo: Invasion season 2 character explained

In the second season of Invasion, Dr. Maya Castillo is tasked with monitoring Mitsuki when she makes contact with the aliens for the second time. Naian González Norvind plays the role of Maya Castillo.

When Nikhil Kapur brings Mitsuki to Amazon Rainforest to send her inside the alien ship to make contact with the aliens, Dr. Maya Castillo, a cognitive scientist, runs tests on Mitsuki to determine her psychological and physiological state.

Maya asks Mitsuki personal questions during the tests, and this makes her upset. As the questions get more and more personal, Hinata’s name comes up. Maya questioning Mitsuki about her dead lover leads to an angry Mitsuki storming out of the room.

A caring scientist

After testing Mitsuki, Maya concludes that Mitsuki is psychologically unstable. She tells Nikhil that Mitsuki failed the test and should not be sent to the ship, but he does not listen to her. He thinks that Mitsuki’s recklessness might benefit them.

Unlike Nikhil, Maya cares about what happens to Mitsuki, so she tries to convince Nikhil to not take a chance with Mitsuki. She reminds him of what happened to scientists with stable baselines who went inside, but she is unable to change his mind.

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Maya understands Mitsuki’s anger and guilt better than Nikhil. She knows that Mitsuki was saving lives in Japan because she blames herself for Hinata’s death. She also knows that Nikhil cares about his mission, not Mitsuki, so she uses that to convince him.

However, instead of not sending Mitsuki at all, Nikhil decides to send Maya with her. He wants Maya to monitor Mitsuki when she goes inside the ship. He asks Maya to map Mitsuki’s consciousness and ensure that she remains stable.

Invasion season 2 Maya Casitllo
Maya accompanies Mitsuki into the ship

Despite their disagreeable first impressions, Maya shows Mitsuki around and tells her to abort the mission the moment she detects a malfunction in her suit. She tells her about what happened to the other people who went inside the room that has the enormous power source.

Maya also tells Mitsuki that when she took her test, she was trying to help her, not hurt her. She tries to make Mitsuki understand the gravity of the situation but still fails to stop her from going inside.

Once Mitsuki goes inside, Maya does whatever she can to help Mitsuki. She monitors Mitsuki closely and is ready to get her out of there once the 15 minutes are over, but Nikhil does not let her do that.

While Nikhil is ready to risk Mitsuki’s life to make a connection with the aliens, Maya is not willing to do that. Mitsuki might finally have someone who does not want to use her for their own benefit but wishes to aid and protect her.

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