Prince Matthew: Kleks Academy character explained

Prince Matthew, a resident of Kleks Academy, is targeted by the wolfurs. In Kleks Academy, Sebastian Stankiewicz plays Matthew.

Prince Matthew, now a bird, works for Professor Kleks. He is responsible for approaching all the children chosen to attend the academy.

With the help of the transmutation fruit that Professor Kleks gives him, he becomes almost human for a few hours a day. 

However, once the effects of the fruit wear off, Matthew reverts to his bird form. He continues to dream of the day he can be himself again.

The loss of his human body

Many decades ago, Matthew was a human prince. He used to be fond of traveling, so he would sneak out at night to wander in the fairy tale forests. 

Matthew’s father warned him against going out at night, but he did not heed his warnings. One day, he encountered the wolfur king on one of his nighttime adventures.

The wolfur king tried to attack him, so Matthew shot him dead. Matthew was also injured by the wolfur king and could not be healed by any of the doctors. 

When all the doctors failed, a doctor named Pai-Hi-Vo succeeded in healing him. Aware that the wolfurs would come looking for Matthew to get their revenge, the doctor gave him the cap of Bogd Khans.

The magical cap allows the one who wears it to turn into any creature. The wearer can become themselves again by pressing a button on the cap. 

As the doctor had warned, the wolfurs attacked Matthew’s palace. Matthew noticed that the button on the cap was missing, but he had no time to lose. 

He turned into a bird and escaped, but he could not transform into his human self again due to the missing button.

Matthew’s punishment

The wolfurs are still searching for Matthew, who has been hiding in the academy and has started writing the fairy tale about it.

Matthew and Professor Kleks know that the academy is in danger, and Ada, who is destined to save the academy, is their only hope.

Eventually, the wolfurs attack but fail to find Matthew. When they start hurting the students to force them to reveal his whereabouts, Matthew surrenders. 

Kleks Academy Matthew
Matthew surrenders to save the children

The wolfurs decide to send the children home and execute Matthew for killing their former king, even though Matthew killed him in self-defense.

It is then that Ada finds the button of the cap of Bogd Khans and returns to the academy to save Matthew and her uncle. 

She manages to convince the wolfur king to let Matthew return to his original form before his execution and gives Matthew the now-repaired cap.

Matthew becomes human again, but an old and frail one, as his life passed while he was hiding from the wolfurs in a bird’s body. 

Ada then points out that Matthew has already paid the price for killing the wolfur king, leading the current wolfur king to spare Matthew’s life. 

Thanks to Ada, Matthew will get to live the remainder of his life in his own body and without fear of the wolfurs.

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